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بوارج Bouarij
Bouarij is located in Lebanon
Location in Lebanon
Coordinates: 33°49′N 35°50′E / 33.817°N 35.833°E / 33.817; 35.833Coordinates: 33°49′N 35°50′E / 33.817°N 35.833°E / 33.817; 35.833
Country  Lebanon
Governorate Beqaa Governorate
District Zahle District
Population (2006)
 • Total 1,235
Time zone EST (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) +3 (UTC)

Bouarij, Bouarej, Bouârej, Buariji or Bwareg is a village located on the eastern side of the Church Mountain, Beqaa.

It is between 1,350 m (4,430 ft) and 1,600 m (5,200 ft) above sea level which added a very cool weather between coldness and dry air in addition to a panoramic view for the Beqaa Valley from every corner.

The municipality of Bouarej is located in the Kaza of Zahleh one of Mohafazah of Beqaa kazas (districts).

Mohafazah of Beqaa is one of the eight mohafazats (governorates) of Lebanon. The number of Lebanon Mohafazats has increased from six to eight in July 2003 with the establishment of two additional mohafazats, Mohafazah Baalbek-Hermel (defined by the law 522 of July 16, 2003) and Mohafazah of Aakkar. Prior to July 2003, the kaza of Aakkar was part of Mohafazah of North-Lebanon and kazas of Baalbek and Hermel were part of the Beqaa Mohafazah. Bouarej is 41 km (25.4774 mi) away from Beyrouth (Beirut) the capital of Lebanon. Its elevations is of 1,310 m (4,300 ft) above sea level. Bouarej surface stretches for 347 hectares (3.47 km² - 1.33942 mi²) .

Population, Voters, Local Authorities and Skills[edit]

The municipality of Bouarej is one of the 910 Lebanese municipalities which have an elected municipal council, (See Municipal Council, rules and skills) for six years by direct universal suffrage. (for example in Beyrouth (Beirut), 24 members of the municipal council are elected). The municipality of Bouarej is an independent local administration. Its has the administrative and financial independence within the framework of its powers, but remains under the control and supervision of the central government.

The Municipality counted (estimation) 1,235 residents. In the last municipal Lebanese elections of 2004, Bouarej counted 1,905 registered voters of which 1,141 actual voters. Bouarej's main families are: Jaber, El bast, Chahine, Kattan, Jabre.

The Municipal council elected of Bouarej can take charge (within the framework defined by the 1977 Act (section 49) :

  • Municipal budget of Bouarej
  • To make up budgetary accounts
  • Any form of credit for projects already studied and approved
  • To grant some immediate or future municipal incomes, to the creditor or the State through the credit guarantee, and to make annual repayments of these loans in the budget, as they are
  • To set local taxes of Bouarej in the framework of the law.
  • To establishment books of specifications for all construction work and services
  • To establishments book of specifications the specifications for the disposal of municipal property
  • To be a conciliator
  • To accept or reject gifts
  • All projects of public works, improvement, cleaning, business health, water and electricity for the municipality of Bouarej
  • To Planning, maintain and expand roads, and build gardens and public spaces in the municipality of Bouarej
  • To create markets, playgrounds, museums, hospitals, clinics and libraries and build sewage systems and waste disposal
  • To participate in public schools
  • To participate in projects of public interest
  • To Assist the needy, the disabled, clubs and associations
  • To join with other municipalities

Educational establishments[edit]

  • Educational establishments - Bouarej
  • Schools of the municipality: 1
  • Public Schools: 1
  • Private Schools: 0
  • Students schooled in the public schools of the municipality (estimates):175
  • Students schooled in the private schools of the Municipality: (estimates) 0

Economic activities[edit]

  • commercial and industrial Activity: Companies with more than five employees: 2
  • Companies: Not Available
  • Agricultural activity: Crops type: Not Available
  • Features: Not Available
  • Port activity: Sea ports 0
  • Activities type: Not Available
  • Mining activity :Mines 0
  • Activities type: Not Available
  • Operating status: Not Available

The main income sources of Bowarij residents are the agriculture and Manual labour. A large number of the after-war generation is getting access to university degrees, especially in Engineering, medicine and economics. Bowarij hosts one of the biggest cheese manufactures in the Beqaa valley, Abnaa Jaber Jaber, that is known for high quality local cheese.

Bowarij Landscape[edit]

Bowarij is a holliday destination in summer. Winters can be tough though, and Bowarij is covered by snow for the mbiggest part of winter. Due to its 1500 meters elevation Bowarij has a wonderful view on the Bekaa valley Also a book "Buarij, portrait of a Lebanese Muslim village" by Anne H Fuller (Author)is a good reading.