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Bought 1931 Poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed by Archie Mayo
Written by Screenplay:
Raymond Griffith
Charles Kenyon
Harriet Henry
Starring Constance Bennett
Ben Lyon
Richard Bennett
Dorothy Peterson
Music by Leo F. Forbstein
Cinematography Ray June
Edited by George Marks
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release dates
  • August 8, 1931 (1931-08-08) (U.S.)
Running time
92 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Bought! (1931) is an all-talking pre-code drama film produced and released by Warner Bros. and directed by Archie Mayo. The movie stars Constance Bennett, Ben Lyon, Richard Bennett and Dorothy Peterson. The film is based on a novel, entitled Jackdaw's Strut, by Harriet Henry.


Constance Bennett grows up as a poor girl and resents her mother's working class sensibilities. Bennett's mother, played by Dorothy Peterson, was never married and she raised Bennett on her own. Bennett dreams of living a rich lifestyle and gets a job modelling at a modiste shop. Richard Bennett, who plays an executive, notices her and immediately is attracted to Bennett. One day, Bennett returns home to find her mother has died. Bennett moves out and finds an apartment in a location where she hopes she will be able to meet socialites. Richard soon develops a relationship with Bennett. This allows Bennett to begin indulging in luxuries as Richard is very wealthy. They also share an interest in books. Bennett, however, is put off by Richard's age, clothes and manners. Ben Lyon, who is young and handsome, is also interested in Bennett, Bennett prefers the company of Richard because of his wealth and interests. One day, Richard notices a photograph of Bennett's mother and realizes that he is her father. Richard, however, keeps this information secret. Richard now helps Bennett meet wealthy socialites and at one of the numerous parties she attends she meets Ray Milland. Bennett immediately falls in love with Milland. Bennett tells Richard that she plans to marry Milland and begins to avoid him. Lyon, who finally gets a raise, proposes to Bennett and is rejected. Milland and Bennett now plan their wedding. All is going well until Milland discovers that Bennett's parents were never married. Milland immediately calls off the wedding, saying he can not marry someone who is illegitimate. It takes this to make Bennett finally realize how shallow society people truly are. One day, Bennett receives a book from Richard and regretting her past behaviour she visits him to apologize. While she is browsing Richard's library, she discovers that Lyon has been waiting there to see her. They reconcile and Bennett discovers that Richard is her father. As the film ends, Richard makes arrangements for his daughter's wedding to Lyon.


Warner Brothers paid Constance Bennett the all-time high salary of $30,000 a week for acting in this film.[1]


The film survives intact and has been broadcast on television and cable. The film was transferred unto 16mm film by Associated Artists Productions in the 1950s for broadcast on television.



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