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For the line in New York City, see Broadway Line (Midtown Manhattan surface).
Construction of the Boulevard Line between Sølvgade and Stokhusgade in 1914

The Boulevard Line (Danish: Boulevardbanen) is a 3.2-kilometer (2.0 mi) long railway line between Copenhagen Central Station and Østerport Station in Copenhagen, Denmark.[1] The quadruple track line carries two tracks of the S-train and two tracks of the mainline railway. It opened in 1917, allowing services on the Coast Line and the Klampenborg Line to extend to Copenhagen Central Station.[2] The line became part of the S-train network on 15 May 1934.[3] The line has two intermediate S-train stations, Vesterport Station and Nørreport Station, although only Nørreport is served by regional trains.


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Coordinates: 55°41′06″N 12°34′24″E / 55.68500°N 12.57333°E / 55.68500; 12.57333