Boulevard Montmartre

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2nd, 9th Arrt
Boulevard Montmartre
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Arrondissement 2nd, 9th
Quarter Vivienne . Faubourg Montmartre .
Begins rue Montmartre, rue du Faubourg Montmartre
Ends rue de Richelieu, rue Drouot
Length 215 m (705 ft)
Width 35 m (115 ft)
Creation Lettres patentes de juillet 1676.
Boulevard Montmartre.jpg
Boulevard Montmartre in February 2010

The Boulevard Montmartre is one of the four grands boulevards of Paris. It was constructed in 1763. Contrary to what its name may suggest, the road is not situated on the hills of Montmartre. It is the easternmost of the grand boulevards.


In 1851, as part of its publicity, an auction of a gold ingot to finance the expatriation of 3,300 would-be prospectors to San Francisco was held. The ingot, valued at 400,000 Francs, was exhibited on the boulevard.


Contrary to what its name may suggest, the road is not situated on the hills of Montmartre but is the easterly extension of Boulevard Haussmann and the Boulevard des Italiens at their junction with Rue de Richelieu.

Located near the Métro stationsRichelieu – Drouot and Grands Boulevards.


  • This page is a translation of its French equivalent.


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