Bourbon Kid

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Bourbon Kid
The Book With No Name,
The Eye of the Moon,
The Devil's Graveyard,
The Book of Death
Author Anonymous
Language English, French
Genre Horror, thriller
Publisher Ten Speed Press (first printing), Michael O'Mara Books
Media type Print

The Bourbon Kid series is a horror/thriller series by an anonymous British author.[1] The series began with The Book With No Name, which was originally published in 2000 through Ten Speed Press, but has since been re-released through Michael O'Mara Books. The books center on a supernatural serial killer only known as the "Bourbon Kid". The first book in the series was initially written with the intent to make it a Western novel, with the author choosing to move the series to present day partway through the book.[1]

The Bourbon Kid series has been published in multiple languages, including Spanish, French, German, and English.[2]


The first book in the series, The Book With No Name, was initially published on the internet due to a lack of interest from publishers.[3] The author stated that this was due to him refusing to give the publishers his name as well as the book not fitting into any specific genre.[1] In an interview with L'Express the author mentioned that he had begun working on a fourth book in the series entitled The Fourth Death, but temporarily shelved it due to the writing process becoming too unpleasant.[1] The book was later released by Michael O'Mara Books as The Book of Death.[4]


The series premise centers around antihero Bourbon Kid, a teenager that is turned into a supernatural serial killer after drinking some tainted alcohol. As the series progresses he becomes hunted by several different groups of people and must find a way to stop the evil plans of various villains.


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  3. The Devil's Graveyard (2012)
  4. The Book of Death (2012)

Film adaptation[edit]

In 2011 it was announced that rights to the series had been purchased by Don Murphy, with the intention of turning the series into a feature film.[8] It was later announced in July 2012 that the series was now in development with Fox Television Studios to become a television series entitled Pulp.[9]


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