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Bourjois is a French Cosmetics private company independently owned by the Werthemeir family.[1][2][3] Originally launched in 1863, it continues to make make-up, most recently launching Rouge Edition velvet lipstick. [4]


  • 1862: Actor Joseph- Albert Ponsin created a skin product that would whiten the skin of artists, actors and actresses from theater and boulevard companies, to replace the greasy stage makeup in use by theatre artists.[5]
  • 1863: Ponsin launched his makeup company by preparing make up and perfume for actors and actresses.[6]
  • 1868: Alexandre-Napoleon Bourjois, a partner in the company was entrusted with Ponsin's entire activity.[7]
  • 1879: Word spread beyond theatre about their products and with the creation of a Java Rice Powder, a product to lighten the skin and leave it velvety, their target market widened to women and extended to the mass market world wide.
  • 1917: Pierre Wertheimer and his brother Paul took over the directorship of the company. The family still owns the company today.
  • Late 1920s: Women started their fight of independence. Bourjois adapted to suit their market by promoting the use of make up for personal pleasure and to affirm personality.
  • 1950s: By now Bourjois had developed a variety of perfumes, gift boxes, kits and make up products


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