Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia

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Boutiliers Point
Country Canada
Province Nova Scotia
Municipality Halifax Regional Municipality
Community council Western Region Community Council
Planning Area St. Margarets Bay
Population (2006 census)
 • Total 777

Boutiliers Point is a rural community in the Halifax Regional Municipality on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean on Trunk 3, 27.61 kilometers from Halifax.

Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia
Boutiliers Point in Nova Scotia

The community evolved after Jacques Boutilier's son, James Frederick and Jacques' nephew John Coulaw Boutilier *purchased in September 20, 1794[1] from Charles Ingram's son-in-law,William Coolen, the 1500 acre Ingram Grant for 140 pounds, to be paid 20 pounds yearly. This area later became known as Boutilier's Point, likely named for James Frederick Boutilier, a patriarch of the community.

Many in the community have the last name of Boutilier /ˈbtlɪər/. It is common that one is referred to by one's first name followed by the name of one's father (e.g., Tom the son of Eric Boutilier becomes Tom Eric). For instance, Rob Boutilier, the creator of the animated television series Kid vs. Kat, is originally from Boutilier's Point.

Boutliers Point is also home to an outdoor ice hockey rink which is managed by the St. Margaret's Bay/Boutilier's Point Recreation Association. The hockey rink is located at the top of Christies Rd. and Islandview Rd.



St. Margarets Bay Elementary School


  • Total Population 777
  • Total Dwellings 375
  • Total Land Area 38.39 km²


  1. ^ Halifax County Deed Book 32, #447


Coordinates: 44°39′34″N 63°57′10″W / 44.65944°N 63.95278°W / 44.65944; -63.95278