Bow Down to Washington

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Bow Down to Washington is the official fight song of the University of Washington. It was written by Moe Lester Wilson in 1915 while partaking in a competition requesting a new song for the university. The competition was sponsored by The Daily, and had a grand prize of US$25 (the equivalent of $548 in 2011). "Bow Down to Washington" was first used as a fight song at the Washington-California football game on November 6, 1915 in a 72-0 home victory.[1] It is typically played and sung at all University of Washington sporting events at which the University of Washington Husky Marching Band is present, including all football, basketball, and volleyball games.


Bow Down To Washington, Bow Down To Washington, Mighty are the Men Who Wear the Purple and the Gold, Joyfully we Welcome Them Within the Victors Fold. We will carve their names In the Hall of Fame To Preserve the Memory of Our Devotion. (Chorus) Heaven Help the Foes of Washington They're Trembling at the Feet Of Mighty Washington, The Boys Are There With Bells, Their Fighting Blood Excels, It's Harder to Push Them Over the Line Than Pass the Dardanelles. Victory the Cry of Washington Leather Lungs Together With a Rah! Rah! Rah! And O'er the Land Our Loyal Band Will Sing the Glory Of Washington Forever.[2]