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Bowen Designs
Industry Action figures
Founded 1978
Founder Randy Bowen
Headquarters Milwaukie, Oregon, United States of America

First established in 1978 (first incorporated as Bowen Designs, Inc. in 1991), Bowen Designs is a company dealing in the creation and sale of entertainment-based collectible statues. Most Bowen products released thus far are based on Marvel Comics characters, but products based on independent comics and movies have also been created.

The primary designer and sculptor for Bowen Designs is Randy Bowen. He started as a garage kit creator and throughout the years became a well-known sculptor in the industry. Currently, Bowen Designs consists of many more people and often employs freelance sculptors and prototype painters due to the large amount of product being released. Bowen Design's produces mostly statues and busts based on heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe.

The Marvel License[edit]

Bowen Designs' tie to Marvel Comics began as early as 1997. In May 1998, Bowen released the first Bowen Marvel Mini-Bust in the line (The Hulk). In December 1998, the first in a series of Bowen Marvel Statues hit the market (Daredevil). The license once covered mini-statues, done much smaller than Bowen's other Marvel statues, but few were released and the mini-statues were not revisited. The Marvel license periods were broken up into "phases," where a new phase was started upon confirmation of renewal of the license. A Phase IV has recently been confirmed by Bowen Designs.

MYTHOS Editions[edit]

The MYTHOS line was conceived as a way for Bowen Designs to release statues related to licenses that are in the public domain. This includes mostly mythology based pieces so far. Being untied to any sort of license agreement, this gives the sculptor and designer free rein over all aspects of the character sculpt.


Sculptors employed by Bowen Designs for various projects include:

And many others...

Prototype Painters[edit]

Prototype Painters employed by Bowen Designs for various projects include:

  • John Ficchi
  • Saul Alavrez
  • Randy Lambert
  • Dan Cope

And many others...