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Bowler's Club of New South Wales
Formation 1958
Type Registered Club
Membership 9055
President David Conroy

The Bowlers' Club of New South Wales is a registered club located at 99 York Street, Sydney, Australia.


The club was established in 1958 and was granted a provisional liquor license in that year.[1]


The club was originally located at the northern end of Clarence Street and relocated to its current premises at 99 York Street, Sydney in 1971.[1]


The Bowlers' Club at 99 on York won the 2010 City of Sydney Business Award in the Pubs, Hotels, Nightclubs & Venues category.[2]


The club made a Net Profit of $2,248,646 for the year ended 31 May 2010 and had Net Assets of $17,672,493 at that date. The profit includes a gain of $2,684,685 on the disposal of the club's 3rd floor strata[3]


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