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Box Office India
Box Office India screenshot
Web address
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Film
Registration Required
Available in English
Launched 10 June 2003
Revenue US$1,433,904[1]
Alexa rank negative increase 16,008 (mars 2014)[2]
Current status Active

Box Office India is a website located in India and Texas, United States that tracks box office revenue in a systematic, algorithmic way of, especially, Bollywood films. It was started in 2003. So far, it is the largest box office site in India and the second largest box office site in the world in terms of reach and viewership.[clarification needed][citation needed] Currently, its traffic ranking in India is 1802 as of December 2013.[2][3][4][5] A new Box Office India website went live on 20 January 2014.[6]


Box Office India was launched on 10 June 2003. Its server is located at Houston, United States. Its domain owner is Contact Privacy Inc., and it is registered by Tucows Inc, an internet software and services company.[1][7] Other than India, it is a frequently visited website in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and some other countries where Bollywood films have been watched. It receives average 83,854 pageviews per day and earned around $7,547 Monthly from ad revenues whereas its estimated net worth is around $183,641 as on December 2012. Currently it has website backlinks from around 350 websites.[8] It has been used by some leading newspapers as reference.[9][10][11]

Box Office reports[edit]

Box Office India provides information of box office results for domestic and overseas collections of Hindi movies.[12] This website updates box office reports on regular basis with territorial breakdown of domestic figures and top earners by decade and all time records.[13] It also creates an overall week chart for domestic collections and update final worldwide gross of Hindi movies. It updates opening and final figures of overseas collection of Hindi films from various countries as well as the collection of Hollywood films in India. In many instances, the box office figures of Box Office India are taken as the 'final'[citation needed] and it is widely known[weasel words] as the most 'confirmed source' for business of movies in India that publishes the reports only on the 'actuals'.


Box Office India provides important[citation needed] news related to Bollywood, release schedule of upcoming movies, number of screen releases and posters related to Hindi movies. It also judges star status of actors of Bollywood based on box office revenues.

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