Boxberg Power Station

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Boxberg Power Station
Boxberg - Kraftwerk (Findlingspark) 01 ies.jpg
Boxberg Power Station, 2009
Country Germany
Location Boxberg
Coordinates 51°24′58″N 14°33′53″E / 51.41611°N 14.56472°E / 51.41611; 14.56472Coordinates: 51°24′58″N 14°33′53″E / 51.41611°N 14.56472°E / 51.41611; 14.56472
Commission date 1966
Owner(s) Vattenfall Europe
Power generation
Primary fuel Lignite
Units operational 4
Nameplate capacity 1900 MW

Boxberg Power Station (in German commonly referred as Kraftwerk Boxberg) is a lignite-fired power station with three units at Boxberg (near Weißwasser), Saxony. Since the late 1990s, it produces 1900 MW. Since 2001, it is run by Vattenfall Europe, a subdivision of Vattenfall.


View over the Nochten surface mine to Boxberg Power Station

Like Jänschwalde Power Station and Schwarze Pumpe Power Station, Boxberg Power Station was built at a place surrounded by surface mines. The first power station unit was built in 1966, in the 1980s there were 14 units with an accumulated output of 3520 MW.

After the German reunification twelve units (210 MW each) went off, two (500 MW each) were modernized. In the mid-1990s, a new 900 MW unit was built, another 675 MW unit is projected for the end of 2012.


Boxberg Power Station had four chimneys 300 metres tall. One was dismantled in 2000, two were blasted in 2009, and the last one was projected to be completely demolished in 2010 but problems during the process of demolishing delayed that project, it was blasted in 2012.

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