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Boy Better Know
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Genre Grime

Boy Better Know are an English grime collective and record label founded by Jamie Adenuga (also known as JME) and older brother Skepta in late 2005. As a collective they are best recognised for their tracks including "Private Caller", "Duppy (Doin' It Again)" and "Too Many Man".

Recently, popular YouTube youth broadcaster SB.TV celebrated their "100 Million YouTube Views" mark by recording a Boy Better Know Cypher. At the start of the cypher, SBTV was congratulated by a series of celebrity musicians including Mary J. Blige, J. Cole, and Kelly Rowland, as well as YouTube's co-founder and former Chief Executive, Chad Hurley. The video has now reached over 1,000,000 views since its release.


The collective formed in 2005 with the majority of its main members today - JME (producer and MC), Skepta (producer, MC, and DJ),Jammer (producer and MC), Frisco (primarily an MC but has been known for his work as a producer), Wiley (producer and MC), and DJ Cash. Shorty has been a member of the collective since 2005 but was only a visual figure between 2008 and 2012. Boy Better Know gained popularity, support and underground fame in the grime scene, featuring on pirate radio sets such as Rinse FM and Dejavu fm.

The name Boy Better Know was by both brothers JME and Skepta being members of the crew themselves and remaining active whilst in Boy Better Know. It is said[by whom?] that previous work and released material from certain members of Boy Better Know simultaneously added credibility to the so-called 'super group' - examples being Skepta's 2004 instrumental "D.T.I (Pirate radio anthem)"; "Private Caller", produced by Skepta and vocaled by the majority of Meridian Crew (featuring Scorcher); Wiley's debut album Treddin' on Thin Ice, released in 2004 alongside one of the most recognised instrumental tracks in the history of grime, "Eskimo"; and JME and Skepta's joint release Serious Thugz, (later vocaled by JME and D Double E and released as Thuggish EP).


Private Caller[edit]

Although "Private Caller" was produced, vocaled and released whilst Skepta, JME, and Frisco were a part of the Meridian Crew, the underground grime scene today considers this a part of Boy Better Know's discography due to the nature of the track's release date, and the formation of Boy Better Know (both in 2005). The track was produced by Skepta and vocaled by members of North London crews such as Meridian (Big H (Rapper), Prez T/President T, JME, Dan & Bossman), TMT (Frisco, Cell 22, Dimples & Danny B) & Cold Blooded (Cookie & Scorcher). The track gained much popularity on pirate radio stations and raves.

Duppy (Doin It Again)[edit]

To date, Boy Better Know's most recognised track is "Duppy", released on vinyl format in 2006 and featured on Skepta's debut album Greatest Hit's in 2007. It was produced by Skepta and featured vocals from Boy Better Know (Skepta, Wiley, JME & Jammer) alongside one half of the Newham General's Footsie, Meridian Crew's Bossman, South London MC's Bearman, former Roll Deep member Trim, and the "godfather of garage" MC Creed on the chorus ("Doin It Again"). The track gained wide popularity within the grime scene and even with today's new wave of grime fans is still the most anticipated track to be played at any grime event such as Eskimo Dance and Sidewinder.

Too Many Man (& We're Goin In)[edit]

On 25 May 2009, Boy Better Know Released their highly anticipated club track "Too Many Man", produced by Skepta with vocals including Skepta, Wiley, JME & Frisco, having taken advantage of the recent new wave of UK Funky club tracks which where showcased from late 2008 in the UK, Boy Better Know's approach to such an attempt proved to be a "underground peaking to the mainstream" success with the recognisable and signature Skepta production. Much like their debuted success "Duppy", "Too Many Man" is a highly anticipated track at such grime and UK Funky showcased events. The single finally peaked at #79 in the UK singles chart. Prior to the success of "Too Many Man", Boy Better Know released a second single titled "We're Goin In" on 13 December 2009.

Hello Good Morning Grime Remix[edit]

Skepta, P Diddy & Chipmunk Backstage at orange rock corps

On 12 August 2010 the official "Grime Remix" to Diddy Dirty Money's "Hello Good Morning" was released (in the UK only). It was remixed by non-other than Boy Better Know's Skepta and is the only remix that alters both the tracks production and vocals. The remix was premiered to much anticipation on DJ Logan Sama's Kiss 100 show. After the track was played P. Diddy phoned in live to the studio alongside Boy Better Know's live presence to discuss the nature of the remix and how the collaboration came into play. P Diddy stated that "On arrival to London many years back, travelling from the airport to my hotel, I caught note of this music as I tuned into the radio, I was told that the music was called grime." It is considered[by whom?] but not established that what P Diddy was listening tomay not have been pirate radio. The collaboration between the pair is said to have started on Twitter, as P Diddy stated to his followers that he was considering a grime remix to be produced, he asked for feedback on who would be the best suited candidate, P Diddy stated that "Within three minutes of the tweet, i had over 10 thousand reply’s, and more or less 90% of them said skepta". A music video was released on 5 November 2010 to promote the single which featured Boy Better Know and Diddy Dirty Money's arrival to Scotland's west end for a live performance.


Feuds have always been an important factor in the history of Boy Better Know, with one such example being displayed in Ayia Napa in 2003. Both Wiley (who was, and still is, part of Roll Deep), and Frisco (who was part of Tu Tuff Crew) took to the stage at Eskimo dance for a lyrical clash, which ended in a lyric that Wiley and other members of Roll Deep took offence to, that lyric being, "Roll deep roll deep and ting but Roll deep so cheap they don’t bling", as a result of this, Wiley directly produced a war dub aimed at Frisco, in Roll Deep's debut single "When I’m Ere", Both Wiley and Flowdan address the situation in their verses, Wiley with - "Five gobstoppers on the beat when I'm ere, roll cheap when I'm ere? I make P's when I'm ere!, I bring suttin to the game when I'm ere and I'll make your whole crew sound lame when I'm ere", and Flowdan with, "When I'm ere, u know I roll deep when I'm ere, make a lot of dough and cheese when I'm ere, you could never say man'a roll cheap when I'm ere, melt your whole crew like cheese when I'm ere". However, without public knowledge, all bad blood was resolved and Frisco, Wiley and Flowdan have gone on to produce and work together on countless tracks since, and have ended up with both Wiley and Frisco as active members of the BBK collective.

One of the most notorious rivalries within Boy Better Know was against The Movement, a similar 'super crew' with members such as Ghetts/Ghetto, Devlin, Scorcher, Wretch 32, Lightnin, Mercston and DJ Unique. Around 2006/2007, numerous war dubs were produced by members of Boy Better Know and The Movement, which were played on DJ Logan Sama's shows on Kiss FM and Rinse FM. This rivalry played a major part in both crews' popularity and since the rivalry stopped there have been many collaborations between artists. The war dubs themselves can be found on a mix-tape hosted By DJ Logan Sama entitled, Logan Sama presents: The war dubs mix tape.

The release of Lord of the Mics Vol. 2 showcased the Skepta and Devilman Clash, which is now considered one of the best clashes out of all five editions, and the lyrical rivalry which soon followed after the clash was widely anticipated. This followed in multiple 'indirects' on tracks and live sets from both Skepta and Devilman and the feud cannot officially be said to be over, as Skepta has 'indirected' Devilman as recently as Eskimo Dance in January & May 2012.

Skepta had an on-going rivalry with Ghetts in 2007 which went far beyond the Boy Better Know VS The Movement war dubs, much like Skepta's rivalry with Devilman, multiple 'indirects' happened on live sets and tracks, a lyrical clash happened on Logan Sama's weekly show but did not squash or end the feud, a track on Ghetts' mix tape Freedom of speech entitled "Who's Got Lyrics", (originally produced by Wiley) clearly names and directly insults members of Boy Better Know (Wiley, JME, Skepta and Frisco) and at the launch party of Freedom of Speech a lyrical clash happened between Ghetts and Frisco. It is widely believed that these feuds have been squashed, collaborations have occurred between them including the remix to Frisco's "Keepin it G'd Up" featuring Ghetts, and the remix to Frisco's "Grime lord", featuring Skepta, Ghetts and Lethal Bizzle.

In the build-up to Wiley and Skepta's 2009 studio albums Race against time and Microphone Champion, its generally considered[by whom?] that an elaborated 'fake beef' was played out between both artists to help promote both releases. In a track by Wiley entitled "Zip It Up" (Featuring UK rappers Giggs and MC Trigga) a lyric aimed at Skepta was the starting point for the 'beef', stating "I'm a king when I roll through anywhere, you're just a king when you roll through Barnet". Skepta responded with a 'war dub' entitled "In The Country", suggesting Wiley has forgot about his roots and "doesn't leave his big house in the country", a video was filmed for the dub by SBTV which visually portrays Skepta standing outside a large house, (however it was never proven this was property owned by Wiley), when both albums were released in the first week of June 2009, the second track on Microphone Champion features vocals from Wiley himself.

Commercial and mainstream exposure[edit]

Despite Boy Better Know's underground success, they have had limited exposure towards the commercial and mainstream audiences, however, this is not to be said they haven’t had any at all.

  • In the summer of 2008 Wiley released a single entitled "Wearing My Rolex" which peaked at the UK singles chart at #2 for 20 weeks. this was quickly followed by a track by Skepta entitled "Rolex Sweep", which despite having moderate online popularity, (with over a million YouTube views) it peaked in the UK singles chart at a disappointing #86.
  • In the same year Wiley released two more singles in the success of "Wearing My Rolex", "Summertime", which peaked at #45, and "Cash in My Pocket" featuring Daniel Merriweather which peaked at #19.
  • In 2009 Wiley teamed up with producer Chew Fu and released a track entitled "Take that", Which peaked at #20 in the UK singles chart, in the same year Skepta released a track entitled "Sunglasses at Night" which peaked at #17 in the UK R&B singles chart.
  • In 2010 Wiley teamed up with Producer Naughty boy and singer Emeli Sandé for the track "Never Be Your Woman" which peaked at #8 in the UK singles chart, in the same year Skepta released three singles, "Bad boy" which peaked at #8 in the UK R&B singles chart, "Rescue me" which peaked at #6 in the UK R&B singles chart and "Cross my heart" Featuring Preeya Kalidas which peaked at #8 in the UK R&B Singles chart.
  • In 2011 Skepta released two singles, "So Alive" featuring N-Dubz which peaked at #26 on the UK R&B singles chart, and "Amnesia" which peaked at #3 on the UK R&B singles chart.
  • In January 2012 JME released a single entitled "96 F**Kries", Which peaked at #3 in the UK indie charts, #7 in the UK dance charts, and was reported only "10 copies away from entering the top 40 official UK singles chart", surprisingly uncommon for a track which can be labelled as Grime, on 13 May 2012, Skepta released a single entitled "Make Peace Not War'" which peaked at #8 on the UK R&B singles chart.

Commercial features[edit]

  • In July 2008, the official "boy better know remix" of Jay Sean’s "stay" was released on Jay Sean's Stay EP, it was remixed by Skepta with vocals from Skepta himself, Frisco, Jammer & Chip.
  • On 8 April 2012, UK Artist Sway released the "Level Up Remixes - EP", Featuring the "Preditah" remix Vocaled by both JME and Sway

Merchandise and business ventures[edit]

Boy Better Know have been relatively successful in fields outside of music in collaboration with their trademark Boy better Know slogan, especially in the field of clothing, i.e. the infamous and instantly recognisable Boy Better Know T shirts which went on sale in 2006.

Boy Better Know apparel[edit]

The Boy Better Know t shirts come in a range of different categories, the original solid text design, The outline text design, The shadow text design, The splash text design, The tropical Text and pattern design and the boy better know polo, The boy better know t shirt is said to be the inspiration behind Tinchy Stryder's equally instantly recognisable ‘Star in the Hood’ clothing line.

Boy Better Know Mobile[edit]

Launched on 11 November 2011, Boy Better Know Mobile is a 3G network that offers to its customers international phone calls and UK coverage, which includes 3GB data per month for 6 months for topping up £50 and also 2p BBK to BBK calls per minute. Boy Better Know Mobile leases network bandwidth from Hutchinson 3G.




Mixtapes & Studio Albums

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Singles & Eps

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Mixtapes & Studio Albums

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Mixtapes & Studio Albums

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Mixtapes & Studio Albums

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Singles & EPS

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Mixtapes & Studio Albums

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Mixtapes & Studio Albums

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  • Serious - Single (2012)
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