Boy Next Door (song)

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This article is about the Jamelia song. For the 1944 song by Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane, see The Boy Next Door (song).
"Boy Next Door"
Single by Jamelia
from the album Drama
Released 2 October 2000
Format CD single
Recorded 1999
Genre R&B
Length 3:24 (Radio edit)
3:38 (Album version)
Label Parlophone
Writer(s) Jamelia Davis
R. Bennett
T. Harris
Producer(s) Rory Bennett
Jamelia singles chronology
"Call Me"
"Boy Next Door"
Alternative cover
UK CD: 2 single cover

"Boy Next Door" is the fifth single from British R&B artist Jamelia and the fourth and final single from her debut album Drama. "Boy Next Door" is Jamelia's smallest hit, missing the UK Top 40, peaking at #42 and spending only two weeks inside the Top 75. The version released as a single was a slight remix to the version that appears on the album and is also slightly shorter in length.

Track listing[edit]


  1. "Boy Next Door" (radio edit)
  2. "Money" [Smokin Beats club mix edit)
  3. "Boy Next Door" (Raw Soul mix)
  4. "Boy Next Door" (Enhanced section – video & photos)


  1. "Boy Next Door" (radio edit)
  2. "Boy Next Door" (Stush mix)
  3. "Boy Next Door" (Code Blue mix)