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Boys Nation is an annual forum concerning civic training, leadership, and Americanism that is run by the American Legion.

Each year, two delegates in the summer after their junior year of high school are selected from each of the forty-nine American Legion Boys State programs in the U.S. (Hawaii does not host a Boys State). These delegates attend the week-long event in Washington, DC.

The event endeavors to teach delegates about the processes of Federal government of the United States through taking part in a mock Senate and mock elections of a Boys Nation Senate President Pro Tempore, Senate Secretary, Vice President, and President. Senators also attend lectures and forums, visiting governmental institutions and historical sites. Tom Brokaw and former president Bill Clinton have been involved. It is a tradition for the student senators to take a private tour of the White House and be received by the current president.

Students assume the role of a United States Senator, representing their respective (Boys) State. They write and introduce bills and debate in the senate chambers. Delegates are split into political parties and draft a party platform as well as perform usual party duties like nominations for president and vice-president, along with elected party leadership.

Senators tour D.C. memorials, get private tours of the United States Supreme Court, Congress, and State Department.

The American Legion Auxiliary runs a similar event called Girls Nation.

Executive branch elected officials[edit]

Executive branch (2014)[edit]

  • President: Matthew Ellow, Alabama
  • Vice President: Louis Lombardo, Texas

Executive branch (2013)[edit]

  • President: Simeon Toronto, Minnesota
  • Vice President: Zachary Faircloth, South Carolina

Executive branch (2012)[edit]

  • President: Jonathan Hess, Alabama
  • Vice President: Joseph Aumuller, Illinois

Executive branch (2011)[edit]

  • President: Michael Herbert, Colorado
  • Vice President: Benjamin Attia, Delaware

Executive branch (2010)[edit]

  • President: Charlie Brown, Florida
  • Vice President: Alex Geiger, Arkansas

Executive branch (2009)[edit]

  • President: Christopher Andrews, Wyoming
  • Vice President: Kyle Gaines, Florida[1]

Executive branch (2008)[edit]

  • President: Joseph W. Riley, Tennessee[2]

Executive branch (2007)[edit]

  • President: Benjamin Wallace, Delaware[3]

Executive branch (2003)[edit]

  • President: Charlie Walker, Alabama
  • Vice President: Richard Friedman, Alabama[4]

Executive branch (2002)[edit]

  • President: Brad Johnson, North Carolina[5]

Senate leadership[edit]

Senate leadership (2014)[edit]

  • President Pro-Tempore: David Enriquez, Florida

Senate leadership (2013)[edit]

  • President Pro-Tempore: Jordi Saunders, Indiana

Senate leadership (2012)[edit]

  • President Pro-Tempore: Neal Jeup, Michigan
  • Secretary: Brandon Dale, Louisiana
  • Senate Chaplain: Kevin Fulmer, Pennsylvania

Senate leadership (2011)[edit]

  • President Pro-Tempore: William Sadock, Connecticut
  • Secretary: Ryan Fulmer, Pennsylvania
  • Senate Chaplain: Nick J. Longo, New York

Senate leadership (2010)[edit]

  • President Pro-Tempore: Joe Kieklak, Arkansas
  • Secretary: Ryan Low, California

Party leadership[edit]

Political Parties (2013)[edit]

  • Federalist Party Chairman: Chris Meabe, Oregon[6]
  • Nationalist Party Chairman: Joe Morgan, South Dakota[7]

Political Parties (2012)[edit]

  • Nationalist Party Chairman: Luke Berdahl, Oregon
  • Federalist Party Chairman: Thomas Caruso, Connecticut
  • Nationalist Campaign Manager: Rob Egan, Kansas
  • Federalist Campaign Manager: Cory Alpert, South Carolina

Political Parties (2011)[edit]

  • Nationalist Party Chairman:: Graham Sparks, Minnesota
  • Federalist Party Chairman:Christian Price, Washington

Political Parties (2010)[edit]

  • Nationalist Party Chairman: John Graziano, Pennsylvania
  • Federalist Party Chairman: Even Arbour, Maine


Senators (2012)[edit]

  • Senators from Alabama: Jonathan Hess (N), Patrick Fitzgerald (F)
  • Senators from Alaska: Andrew Christian (N), Jacob Miller (F)
  • Senators from Arizona: Andrew Argaez (N), Benjamin Horwitz (F)
  • Senators from Arkansas: Paul Loftness (N), Ian Goza (F)
  • Senators from California: Nicholas Kelly (N), Giovanni Moujaes (F)
  • Senators from Colorado: Talior Arnold (N), VanMichael Moore (F)
  • Senators from Connecticut: Storm Boris (N), Thomas Caruso (F)
  • Senators from Delaware: Christopher Clifton (N), Donald Wiegner (F)
  • Senators from Florida: Alexander Sargent (N), Christopher Johnson (F)
  • Senators from Georgia: Jed Wheeler (N), Benjamin McFarlin (F)
  • Senators from Idaho: Julian Kessel (N), Robert Abbott (F)
  • Senators from Illinois: Ian Fleming (N), Joseph Aumuller (F)
  • Senators from Indiana: Adam Burtner (N), Nishant Uppal (F)
  • Senators from Iowa: Dalton Schmit (N), Trey Achterhoff (F)
  • Senators from Kansas: Robert Egan (N), Cain Mathis (F)
  • Senators from Kentucky: Troy Boxrucker (N), Chaffin Blair (F)
  • Senators from Louisiana: Brandon Dale (N), Joshua Smoak (F)
  • Senators from Maine: Jameson McBride (N), Cole Moran (F)
  • Senators from Maryland: Solon Snider (N), Matthew Baughman (F)
  • Senators from Massachusetts: Ryan FitzPatrick (N), Michael Richard (F)
  • Senators from Michigan: Neal Jeup (N), Connor Bos (F)
  • Senators from Minnesota: Sylesh Volla (N), Zachary McFarland (F)
  • Senators from Mississippi: John Brahan (N), Rex Ames (F)
  • Senators from Missouri: Gregory Hamilton (N), Parker Briden (F)
  • Senators from Montana: Samuel Leuthold (N), Blake Ladenburg (F)
  • Senators from Nebraska: Robert Leddy (N), Henry Hawbaker (F)
  • Senators from Nevada: Dakota Johnson (N), Joshua Graham (F)
  • Senators from New Hampshire: Patrick Doolittle (N), Ian Hill (F)
  • Senators from New Jersey: Nimit Jindal (N), Johan Zhang (F)
  • Senators from New Mexico: Fermin Prieto (N), Jesse Martinez (F)
  • Senators from New York: Dillon Burke (N), Christopher Watson (F)
  • Senators from North Carolina: John Flinn (N), Alex DiLalla (F)
  • Senators from North Dakota: Aaron Weber (N), Austin Mack (F)
  • Senators from Ohio: Nurmukhamed Eldosov (N), Jeff Back (F)
  • Senators from Oklahoma: James LaPorte (N), Aubrey Ennis (F)
  • Senators from Oregon: Luke Berdahl (N), Tianshan Fullop (F)
  • Senators from Pennsylvania: Joshua Burd (N), Kevin Fulmer (F)
  • Senators from Rhode Island: Timothy Moran (N), Jack Rametta (F)
  • Senators from South Carolina: Shiva Mohan (N), Cory Alpert (F)
  • Senators from South Dakota: John Slunecka (N), Mitchell Keena (F)
  • Senators from Tennessee: Gabriel Levy (N), Paul Drexler (F)
  • Senators from Texas: Colton Buckley (N), Tushar Madan (F)
  • Senators from Utah: Randy Roberts (N), Russell Fitzgerald (F)
  • Senators from Vermont: Leif Mitchinson (N), Robert Lemnah (F)
  • Senators from Virginia: Nicholis Ball (N), Timothy Patrick Gill Jr. (F)
  • Senators from Washington: Jayson Cooley (N), Jacob San Agustin (F)
  • Senators from West Virginia: Julian Pecora (N), Robert MacDonald (F)
  • Senators from Wisconsin: Alexander Lux (N), Alexander Rathke (F)
  • Senators from Wyoming: Paul Stadick (N), Zachary Hall (F)

Senators (2010)[edit]

  • Senator from New Mexico: Zeke Chavez (F)
  • Senator from New York: Ronald Taylor (F)
  • Senator from Louisiana: David Holmes (F)
  • Senator from Mississippi: Raphael Patton (F)
  • Senator from Mississippi: Sabien Ruffin (N)
  • Senator from Alaska: David Townsend II (F)
  • Senator from Alaska: Iain Miller (N)
  • Senator from Arizona: Tro Panosian (N)
  • Senator from Arizona: Tom Borns (F)
  • Senator from Arkansas: Alex Geiger (F)
  • Senator from Arkansas: Joe Kieklak (N)
  • Senator from Alabama: Martin Bear (F)
  • Senator from Connecticut: Calvin Brown (F)
  • Senator from Connecticut: Robert Wendel (F)
  • Senator from Nebraska: Alejandro (Alex) Ramirez (F)
  • Senator from New York: John Hartunian (N)
  • Senator from Maine: Evan Arbour (F)
  • Senator from Maine: Tyler Washburn (N)
  • Senator from Maryland: Eric Kyle (F)
  • Senator from Maryland: Nathan Chai (N)
  • Senator from Minnesota: Adam Logeman (F)
  • Senator from Minnesota: John Reichl (N)
  • Senator from Vermont: Kyle Hancock (N)
  • Senator from Vermont: Iain Axeworthy (F)
  • Senator from Georgia: Stuart Veal (N)
  • Senator from Georgia: Davidson Goldsmith (F)
  • Senator from Virginia: Daniel Rosenfeld (N)
  • Senator from Virginia: Erik Bakke (F)
  • Senator from Wyoming: Dylan Crouse (F)
  • Senator from Wyoming: Stephan Wadsack (N)

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