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Boys Town or Boystown may refer to:


  • Boystown, Chicago, a gay village in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Boys Town, Nebraska, a suburb of Omaha, Nebraska, USA, and the headquarters of the Boys Town organization
  • Boy's Town (prostitution), a district in a Mexican border city that is formally designated for legalized prostitution
  • Boyztown, a gay and underage red-light district in Pattaya, Thailand




  • Boys Town (organization), an organization dedicated to the housing and education of at-risk children, founded by Father Edward J. Flanagan
    • Boys Town (film), a 1938 film about Father Flanagan and his work, starring Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney, with Henry Hull and Leslie Fenton
  • Boystown (film), an unrelated 2007 Spanish comedy film

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