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Brāhmanahatya (also known as Brahma Hatya) is Sanskrit for "the act of killing a Brahmin". Puranic Hinduism considers this act to be a major sin, worse than "ordinary" murder.

In a story involving Indra and Vritra, Brāhmanahatya is personified as a hideous goddess.

It is a serious crime which has to be faced by the guilty one and his generations in the form of a curse.

It is not limited to the killing of a brahmin. It also means killing of all those creatures which are equivalent to brahmin (man-vachan-karma se jo bhi brahmin ho).

There are some to get rid of the dosha like japa, tapa, homa, yagya, tarpan and shradh kriya. Brahma dosha nivarana pooja is also mandatory.

In such cases trimbaka pooja at triyambakeshwara and pinda daan at gaya is also suggested.

According to shiva purana, one can get rid of the brahma hatya dosha by the darshana of round ek mukhi rudraksha but it is very difficult to get the original one.

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