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Brad Abraham
  • Screenwriter
  • Author
  • Journalist
  • Producer
Years active 2000-present

Brad Abraham is a Canadian-born writer of film, television, novels and comic books.

His film and television work includes Stonehenge Apocalypse, Robocop: Prime Directives, I Love Mummy and the National Film Board of Canada produced Hoverboy. He was also an uncredited writer on the remake of the 70s slasher classic Black Christmas. Current and upcoming projects include the New Zealand produced horror comedy Fresh Meat, the Sci-Fi thriller The Picco Incident and Weaver Island with Rue Morgue Cinema.

He is creator and writer of the acclaimed creator-owned comic book series Mixtape.


Year Title Role
2000 Robocop: Prime Directives Co-Scr
2000 Hoverboy Producer
2002 I Love Mummy Scr, Two Episodes
2006 Black Christmas Co-scr, Uncredited
2010 Stonehenge Apocalypse Co-Scr
2012 Fresh Meat Co-Story
2013 The Picco Incident Co-Scr


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