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Brad Ashten
Occupation Film, television actor

Brad Ashten is an American actor.[1] Ashten's first film appearance was in the 2005 direct-to-video Scarred. Since then, Ashten has appeared on television in Veronica Mars as well as the films Are You Scared and Harvest Moon. In 2008, Ashten starred in the movie Surfer Dudes with Matthew McConaughey as Punk Surfer No. 2. Also in 2008, Ashten was seen in two episodes of The Ex List on CBS.

Brad Ashten attended The University of Houston where he studied with Dr. Sydney Berger, Carolyn Houston Boone, Edward Albee, Jose Quintero, and master classes with Uta Hagen. He started his own theatre company "The Independent Players" in 1999 and still owns and operates it today. Brad has appeared in multiple T.V. shows and Feature Films expanding his credits and abilities as an actor, film director, writer, and producer.


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