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Brad Fregger (born May 31, 1940 in Billings, Montana) is an American entrepreneur, author and former game producer publisher, and book publisher.

Fregger was involved in the computer and video game industry at its inception. He was the producer of Activision's Ghostbusters, the game Hacker, the Atari and Commodore 64 versions of Pitfall II and Shanghai (the first commercial version of Brodie Lockard's Mahjong solitaire), and he designed and produced the first commercial version of computer solitaire (Solitaire Royale, published by Spectrum Holobyte).[1] His book Lucky That Way describes his years in the industry, including the history of Shanghai (Mahjong solitaire), Computer Card Solitaire, Tetris, Pitfall II, and the crash of Atari.

Fregger is President and CEO of Groundbreaking Press (book publishing) and a lecturer at Texas State University-San Marcos.[2] He founded three corporate-training departments (at Mervyns Department Stores, Atari and Activision), and was featured in Tom Peters' book Liberation Management. He is the author of four books: Lucky That Way (computer and video games), Get Things Done (leadership), One Shovel Full (storytelling), and Why Publish? (book publishing), and is currently writing the fifth one, Winning with Innovation, with Susan Gilbertson as a coauthor.[2]

Fregger holds a Master's Degree in Futuristics from San Jose State University.


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