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Brad Lau, better known by his pseudonym Lady Iron Chef, is a Singaporean online personality and food critic. He is the chief editor and founder of the food and travel website,, which is claimed to be "the leading food and travel website in Singapore".[1]


Lau founded the food and travel blog,, in 2007. According to the website, the name "ladyironchef" has no proper etymology.[1] The website was viewed some 1.5 million times in December 2012.[2] Time Out described Lau as "one of Singapore’s most prolific food bloggers".[3]


In August 2010, Lau was reported to have not paid the bill after dining at a restaurant. While the restaurant was willing to let Lau and one other accompanying person have their meals free of charge, he had dined with a few other acquaintances whose meals were not free under the clause. Lau was "displeased" at having to pay up for them, though acknowledging he should not have assumed all meals would be free.[4]


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