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Brad Turvey (born 10 March 1978) is a Filipino actor and video jockey of Channel [V] International.

Early life[edit]

Brad Turvey and his twin brother Greg Turvey were born on 10 March 1978 in Hong Kong[1] (then a British territory) to a late Scottish Australian father and a Chinese mother who grew up in Australia.[2][3] Brad and Greg Turvey grew up in Australia. Both Brad and Greg settled in the Philippines in 2001. Brad was the first to earn an acting role, first in the Penshoppe commercial with U.S. diva Ms. Mandy Moore. He also sang the chorus line of Mandy Moore's song Cry: "In places no one will find".[citation needed] Based on that appearance, he was discovered by Philippine TV station GMA Network as a contract actor.[4] At GMA, he was a TV host for the Sunday noontime show SOP and one of the original members of Nuts Entertainment with his twin brother.[citation needed] While hosting SOP, he auditioned at Channel V as a video jockey and TV host and was hired.[5] He also became a contract actor for Regal Films, but wasn't offered any movie roles. He went back to Australia with his mother to join Greg.[citation needed]





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