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Brades Estate
Location of Brades within Montserrat
Location of Brades within Montserrat
Coordinates: 16°47′34″N 62°12′38″W / 16.79278°N 62.21056°W / 16.79278; -62.21056Coordinates: 16°47′34″N 62°12′38″W / 16.79278°N 62.21056°W / 16.79278; -62.21056
Country United Kingdom United Kingdom
Overseas territory Montserrat Montserrat
 • Total approx. 1,000
Time zone Atlantic (UTC-4)

Brades (also Brades Estate; approximate population 1,000) is a village and the capital of the Caribbean island of Montserrat since 1998.[1]


Brades is located in the Carr's Bay/Little Bay vicinity at the northwest end of Montserrat. The official capital of Plymouth in the south of the island has been abandoned since 1997 after it was buried by the eruption of the Soufriere Hills volcano. Interim government buildings have since been built at Brades.


Proposed renaming[edit]

Several names have been suggested for the new capital now being constructed in the Little Bay area. These include Port Diana, in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales,[2] and St Patrick's, to commemorate the March 17th Uprising and to attract Irish-American tourists.


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