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Bradford Humes Young
Born 1955
Occupation Academic

Bradford Humes Young, also known as Brad Young is a Professor of Biblical Literature in Judeao Christian Studies at the Graduate Department of Oral Roberts University.[1] He is also founder and President of the Gospel Research Foundation, Inc.[2]

After receiving his B.A. from ORU, Dr. Young departed Tulsa for Israel. At the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he pursued graduate studies in early Christianity and ancient Judaism. During this time he lectured at the American Institute of Holy Land Studies, served as Research Assistant to Prof. David Flusser, and earned two degrees, an M.A. and Ph.D. from the Hebrew University. He is one of the founding scholars of the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Studies, working closely on Gospel research with Prof. David Flusser and Dr. Robert L. Lindsey. He has contributed to scholarly journals and has spoken at many academic, church, interfaith, and civic gatherings.[1]

Thought and writings[edit]

Young's writings seek to illuminate the New Testament with the help of rabbinic sources. His contribution is clear in the aspect of clarifying the enigmas found in the parables of Jesus, by drawing parallels to similar traditions in the literature of nascent Judaism, especially rabbinic literature.[3] One may call Young an authority in the field of Parables in the Gospels.

It is also evident from his works that he at least considers a Hebrew, rather than Aramaic, source underlying certain sections of the (Greek) synoptic gospels.[4][5] Another notable theory in his writings is that of Lukan priority in the context of the Synoptic Problem.

Furthermore, Young is an active contributor to the interfaith dialogue by means of a collaborative Jewish-Christian inquiry in both group's shared heritage. This is evident from Young's publications, Jewish and Christian endorsements of his publications, and his role as editor on the board of the Compendia Rerum Iudaicarum ad Novum Testamentum.

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