Brady Drum Company

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Brady Drum Company
Industry Musical Instrument Manufacturing
Genre Drums
Founded 1980
Founder Chris Brady
Products Drums
Website Official website

Brady Drum Company is an Australian manufacturing company who specialise in handcrafted drums since 1980. The designs and workmanship is predominantly the duty of the company's creator, Chris Brady. The firm uses native Australian hardwoods, particularly jarrah, sheoak, spotted gum, marri, wandoo and lemon scented gum for the drums they manufacture. The business is based in Armadale, an outer suburb of Perth, Western Australia.


Chris Brady introduced the world's first solid wood (hollow tree trunk) modern snare drum, and revolutionised the ply shell and block shell method of construction. He possibly created the world's first 10", 12" and 16" snare drums, and is credited with their popularisation in modern music.[1]

The company's client list includes over 400 internationally renowned drummers including Will Calhoun, Steve Ferrone, Mick Fleetwood, Chad Smith, Jeff Porcaro (formerly), Larry Mullen, Jr, Tre Cool and Thomas Lang.[2] Though the company manufactures all drums shells, their fame is gained from their snare drums.

In November 2007, ownership of the Brady Drum Company was returned to the Brady family.


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