Braggville, Massachusetts

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A map of Braggville, as it appeared at the village's industrial and cultural peak between the years of 1850 and 1880.

Braggville is a neighborhood and former postal-village located in Massachusetts, with boundaries extensive in the towns of Holliston in Middlesex County, Medway in Norfolk County and Milford in Worcester County. Though people had settled on the land long before the incorporation of the town of Holliston, the Braggville community's unofficial history began on March 8, 1785 when Alexander Bragg purchased farmland there.[1] The village itself however, would be named for his nephew, Colonel Arial Bragg, Holliston's first shoe and boot maker as well as the agrarian community's first wholesale manufacturer.[2]

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Coordinates: 42°10′00″N 71°28′48″W / 42.16667°N 71.48000°W / 42.16667; -71.48000