Brahmarshi Prem Nirmal

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Brahmarshi Prem Nirmal
Prem Nirmal.png
Brahmarshi Prem Nirmal
Born (1960-07-19) 19 July 1960 (age 54)
Kutch, Gujarat, India
Nationality Indian
Spouse(s) Bharati Nirmal
Children Kalyani

Brahmarshi Prem Nirmal more fondly known as "Guruji" is a living enlightened master and founder of the TASC, Tao Anand Spiritual Center, which aims at holistic development of individuals as well as society. He is a Holistic Counselor,[1][2] Corporate Trainer, Kriya Yogi, Scientific Mystic, Enlightenment Educationist,[3] scholar of Kashmir Shaivism, an exponent in 32 Vidyas, 10 Maha Vidyas and the various scriptures.

He has done extensive research in the areas of stress management,[4] intuition development, aura reading and meditation therapy.[5] He is also founder of SVT (Shiv Vyapti Trust) which is involved in various humanitarian activities.


Brahmarshi Prem Nirmal was born to Smt. Bhagirathi and Sri Devji Nirmal who stayed at Bayath, a small village in Mandvi taluka of Kutch district, Gujarat, India. He was named "Prem-ji". His early schooling was completed in Kutch, Gujarat, before moving to Mumbai (former 'Bombay'). He completed his matriculation from Elphinston Technical High School, Mumbai and Higher secondary education from Amulakh Amichand Bhimji Vividhlakshi Vidhyalay. He, thereafter, pursued his Electrical and Power Electronics Engineering from V.J.T.I., Mumbai University and did his Post Graduate studies in Cybernetics through the Baroda Productivity Council.

After working for about 2 years with Applied Electronic Limited (Aplab) company in Thane, Maharashtra, and one more year in Hybrid Electronics, Mumbai, he started his own business of manufacturing SMPS and invertors, Nirmal Power Systems. After successfully running the business for 22 years, he closed his business at the age of 47. Since then, he is completely involved in spreading Kriya yoga.He is founder director of TASC, TAO Anand Spiritual Center at Thane and has been conducting workshops on various topics like “Art and Science of Holistic Living”, Power of Super Conscious Mind, Enlightened Billionaire, secrets of enlightenment, Scientific Spirituality, Swar Yoga,Swar YogaThe Almighty Breath Shree Vidya, Astral Travel, Aura reading with naked eyes and Chakra workshop, Ascension and Akashik records nirmal etc. He has wide experience in Personal Counseling, Consultancy and Training and has deep insights in human behavior and body-mind healing.

In the year 1996 Nirmal Kriya i.e. process of enlightenment was revealed unto him by Sri Mahavatar Babaji while he was at his residence. Guruji thereafter is teaching Nirmal Kriya to all the aspiring seekers. He shares the secrets of enlightenment through nature camps, programs at TAO Center in Thane, Maharashtra and at his Pyramid Ashram at kalyan.

He was the visiting faculty for Stress Management at various reputed organizations such as Welingkar Institute of Management and IIT- Mumbai."Experiences". 27 August 1994. Retrieved 3 August 2011.  He is empanelled with the Life Positive Holistic Practitioners board. Prem Nirmal was conferred with the title of Brahmarshi on 23 June 2009 by Brahmarshi Subhash Patri at TAO, Thane. Guruji has also travelled to countries like Singapore, Kenya, U.A.E. and Oman to spread his message.


Prem Nirmal, along with his wife Bharati Nirmal, promote Householder's Spirituality. Prem Nirmal's wife Bharati says, that being a householder is the fastest way to transcend desires, grow in all dimensions and move towards a fulfilling life.[6][7] Perm Nirmal encourages honest enquiry and has perfect methodology through which he guides his friends and disciples on the spiritual path. He has a scientific approach towards spirituality.

Various third eye experiences / Astral body experiences / Cosmic body experiences (Body expansions etc.), even though indicative of some progress on the path, are just the passing phase of meditation. Meditation needs to be supplemented with intense 'Swadhyaya' the 'self-study' to develop the intense and clear "UNDERSTAND ING" of how the mind functions and governs the behavioral patterns.[8] He also advocates the concept of 'Enlightened Billionaire', i.e. a “Jivan Mukta” who is living this material world as a householder yet detached from inside, thus balancing material and spiritual sides of life to grow in wisdom and lead a balanced life in holistic way.[citation needed]. 'Nirmal Kriya' which was revealed unto him, is a practical way of accomplishing this.

Nirmal Kriya[edit]

Nirmal Kriya i.e. process of enlightenment is a process through which all the five bodies, i.e. Physical, etheric, emotional, mental and causal are cleansed. Nirmal Kriya automatically leads to a stateless state i.e. no-mind state or meditation. Nirmal Kriya helps reduce mental stress, relieve depression and anxiety, improves immunity and cures various diseases and disorders. However, Prem Nirmal says that Nirmal Kriya's purpose is much beyond these physical improvements. It is a process of enlightenment. Once you practice Kriya which prepares the background, it naturally throws you in a space of non-thinking, called meditation. It creates the high levels of Prana in your body-brain system that makes it easier for you to be aware of your breath and your thoughts simultaneously. You can easily get the knack of meditation when you do Kriya.[9] Simply remain silent after doing Kriya, and keep your attention on your natural breathing process. Simultaneously keep witnessing your thoughts. You will experience very low levels of thought traffic, as in high Prana state thoughts cannot linger for long. Even if the No-thought state remains just for few seconds, you will experience the surge of energy and vitality, bringing back the positive qualities of Zest, love and joy![10]