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Brahmavar is located in Karnataka
Location in India
Coordinates: 13°42′N 74°45′E / 13.70°N 74.75°E / 13.70; 74.75Coordinates: 13°42′N 74°45′E / 13.70°N 74.75°E / 13.70; 74.75
Country  India
State Karnataka
District Udupi District
 • Total 31,203[1]
 • Official Kannada,Tulu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 576213[2]
Telephone code 0820[3]
Vehicle registration KA-20[4]

Brahmavar (Kannada: ಬ್ರಹ್ಮಾವರ) is a main road town on NH 66 (formerly NH 17), located 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) north of the Udupi in Udupi district in Karnataka state of India. It has been mentioned "Lord Brahma's Vara or Ajapura". It is an ancient cultural centre of the region being adjacent to Barkur, which was the capital town of Tulunadu.It is a city of magnificent proportions on the coastline of Udupi.It has speedily grown into a prosperous and progressive town due to its enterprising populace. It has few renowned institutions which have made names across Karnataka.


Brahmavar is situated about 13 km (8.12 mi) from Udupi on the National highway NH 66 (formerly NH 17). River Suvarna and Sita are flows around Brahmavar. These rivers originates from Western Ghats and form beautiful backwaters around Brahmavar before joining Arabian Sea near Hangarkatte.

Brahmavar is surrounded by several villages such as Handadi, Matpadi, Kunjal, Kumragod, Salikeri, Haradi and Matapadi. An ancient capital of the Tulu Kingdom Barkur lies north to Brahmavar and Temple city Udupi lies to the south.

Places of worship[edit]

Holy Family Church Brahmavar
St. Mary's Syrian Cathedral Brahmavar
  • Aanjaneya/Shanaishwara temple
  • Gopinatha temple
  • Santhana Gopala Temple
  • Holy Family Church, established April 1, 1934[5][6] It is one of the few churches by the National Highway.
  • Janardhana shrine in the Agrahara
  • Mahalingeshwara temple
  • muduganapathi temple mabukala
  • Saint Mary's Syrian Church (SMS CHURCH)
  • Salikeri vaidyanatheshwara temple
  • Sree Mahalingeshwara temple and nagaradi, bandimut, hanehalli
  • Sri Lakshmi Venkataramana Temple, Car-street, Brahmavar
  • Shankara Narayana Temple, Chanthar, Brahmavar
  • Sri Kashivishwanataha temple, Sri Venkataramana temple Chantaru,Agrahara

Educational institutions in and around Brahmavar[edit]

Other places of Interest in and around Brahmavar[edit]

  • All India Radio station
  • Agriculture Research Institute
  • Barkur town
  • Handadi Tenkumane
  • Brahma Stahana
  • Garadi mane in Varambally village
  • Handadi, the settlement of the Hande family, one of many Brahmin families who settled in the region following their migration from North India
  • Hangyo Ice Cream factory in Srikrishna Dairy Campus
  • Mahishamardini temple in Neelavara
  • Nadoor
  • Srikrishna Dairy – 4 km from Brahmavar towards Udupi
  • Sugar factory
  • Prabhat Saw Mill


It is believed that the Mahalinga temple was constructed in the 9th century AD. The wall of the temple is built on the laterite stones. There is an image of Gaja-Gowri, which has been kept in Navaranga, which perhaps belongs to the Hoysala period. It is holding Ankusha and Pasha in the upper hand and Padma (lotus) in right lower, and the left lower hand in the abhaya pose. Handadi near Brahmavar was the settlement of the Hande family, a family of Aryan Brahmins from Northern India. Gopinatha temple is mentioned in an inscription that it is the third temple. The image of the presiding deity is of Hoysala workmanship.


Population of Brahmavar is 31,203. The majority of the population of Brahmavar is Hindu. Christians and a small Muslim community make up rest of the population.

Distance from Brahmavar[edit]


The town of Brahmavar is sandwiched between the Sita and Suvarna rivers which originate from the Western ghats. They join the Arabian Sea a few kilometers from Brahmavar. The rivers form beautiful backwaters around Brahmavar. Tourists can cruise the backwaters on local country boats.


Brahmavar situated on NH 66 (formerly NH 17) is directly connected by bus service from Udupi on the Udupi-Kundapur line. Bus service is also available to most places within Udupi district and to Bangalore, Mumbai, Mangalore, Goa and other nearby districts. Lots of buses are plying from Kundapur to Udupi and Kundapur to Mangalore. The bus fare in local bus is 13 rs to Udupi and 15 rs in Express bus. Salikeri is very close by. Local means of transport is autos. Kannada, Tulu, Konkani, Byari are the local languages spoken among the different communities.

The nearest railway station for local trains is in Barkur and for long distance trains is in Udupi.


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