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Brainlove Records
Founded 2003
Distributor(s) Cargo Records / State 51
Genre Indie pop
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location London, England
Official website

Brainlove Records is an independent record label with a DIY ethic, based in London, England. The label works with artists making experimental indie, pop and electronic music, and those who blur the boundaries between genres.

Brainlove has long been a favourite amongst fans of independent music, and continues to receive positive press for its activity from increasingly mainstream media sources such as NME ("relentlessly brilliant"[1]), BBC Radio 1[2] and BBC 6 Music.[3]

Brainlove also runs live shows, including showcases at SPOT Festival in Denmark and Iceland Airwaves[4] in Reykjavik, club nights with White Heat, Club NME at Koko (venue) and La Route Du Rock, and a two-day label music festival, held annually at the Brixton Windmill.

The label published an article on its early history on The Quietus in August 2010.[5]

Roster of artists[edit]


Bleeding Heart Narrative
David Thomas Broughton
Kippi Kaninus
Napoleon IIIrd
Mat Riviere
Pagan Wanderer Lu
Sacred Harp
We Aeronauts


The Evenings
Keyboard Choir
The Open Mouths
Stairs To Korea

Compilation, Single & 7" Club Appearances[edit]

The $hit, A Scholar & A Physician, Ace Bushy Striptease, Anat Ben David (of Chicks On Speed), Bearsuit, The Blitters, Capitol K, Cats In Paris, Copter, Curly Hair, End Of Level Boss, Ex-Rental, Fidel Villeneuve, Fosca, Friends of the Bride, gay against you, Internet Forever, Junkplanet, Kid Carpet, Micronormous, Misty's Big Adventure, Modernaire, Nervoustestpilot, Penny Broadhurst, Planningtorock, Pram, Retro Spankees, Shimura Curves, The Telescopes, Tim Ten Yen, Trash Fashion, Vicki Churchill, What The Moon Is Like

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