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The office of Bram Moszkowicz in Amsterdam
Bram en Max Moszkowicz at Cor van Hout en Willem Holleeder trial in 1987

Abraham Maarten "Bram" Moszkowicz (born 26 June 1960, Maastricht) is a Dutch jurist and former lawyer. He is the son of Berthe Bessant and lawyer Max Moszkowicz. Moszkowicz is of Jewish descent from his father's side .

Personal life[edit]

Bram Moskowicz studied law in Amsterdam.

Having been in several other relationships and already having children from an earlier marriage, he was in a relationship with former newsreader Eva Jinek.[1] Late October 2012 it was announced that the relationship had ceased and that they would remain friends.

Clients and controversies[edit]

Moszkowicz resigned as lawyer for Willem Holleeder.[2] He was the lawyer of the Dutch politician Geert Wilders in his trial.

Moszkowicz had and has many famous and infamous people among his clientele, such as Cor van Hout, the Suriname army leader Dési Bouterse, diva Patty Brard, real estate magnate Willem Endstra, top criminal Willem Holleeder, politician Geert Wilders, Manchester United and Holland international football player Robin van Persie, the American-Dutch "Drug rehabilitation guru" and ex-TV presenter Keith Bakker[3] as well as the former friend of Talitha van Zon, on woman trafficking.[4]

In 2010 it became known that Bram Moszkowicz had evaded over one million Euro of income taxes in the period 2003–2006. The period 2007-2010 is still being investigated.[5]

On 30 October 2012 it was announced that he was disbarred. His appeal was rejected on 22 April 2013, which means Moszkowicz lost the right to practice law as a lawyer.[6]


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