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Brand Hong Kong
Brand Hong Kong logo
Owner Information Services Department, Hong Kong Government
Country Hong Kong
Markets International

Brand Hong Kong, or (BrandHK),[1] was launched in 2001 as a government program designed to promote Hong Kong as "Asia’s World City". In 2010, following a major review and public engagement exercise, BrandHK was updated, incorporating changes to its visual identity, core values, attributes and brand platform.[2]


The idea of “branding” Hong Kong originated in 1997, when much attention was focused on the handover of Hong Kong to China. The handover led to concerns over Hong Kong's ability to remain as an international financial center as well as a global city. The decision to develop BrandHK was finally taken by the Government of Hong Kong in 2000.

Extensive research and consultation was undertaken in Hong Kong and internationally, leading to the choice of “Asia’s world city” as the brand motto that best reflects the city’s traits, while a stylised dragon was considered to best represent the Hong Kong’s visual identity. The government review of 2008-09 was undertaken to identify changes that had taken place in and around the city since 2001, and to incorporate those changes into the brand.

Upon unveiling of the new-style 'ribbon' logo in 2010, it was criticized that the fees paid to the branding company could not be justified by the limited updates to the logo. The article also included interview quotations from the designer of the previous brand image, who disliked the removal of the 'HK' and '香港' characters from the dragon 'flames', suggesting that the change reduced the meaning of the brand.

The Hong Kong Dragon[edit]

"... Represents Hong Kong's continuing link with history and culture, it also symbolises the fusion of Eastern and Western lifestyle that many associate with the city. The original image design incorporated the Chinese characters for Hong Kong '香港' as well as the city's initial 'HK'.

In 2010, following a Government review, the dragon logo was updated to "better reflect the city’s energetic modernity and vitality," making the dragon head smaller and incorporating three streak of ribbons behind the dragon's head.

In the logo, the blue and green ribbons that extend from the dragon symbolise blue sky and a sustainable environment. Lion Rock — a local mountain — is silhouetted by the red ribbon. The fluid shape of the ribbons is designed to evoke versatility, while the multiple colours signify the city’s diversity and dynamism …" The HKG's words about the Brand HK.

The page in Brand HK[edit]

Introduces the core values of HK:Quality Living,Enterprising,Excellence,Free and Innovative


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