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Brand New Music Co., Ltd.
Native name 주식회사 브랜뉴 뮤직
Type private
Industry music industry
Genre K-pop, hip hop, R&B
Predecessors IC Entertainment (IC 엔터테인먼트)
Brand New Production (브랜드 뉴 프로덕션)
Founded 2011
Founders Kim Se-hwan (Rhymer)
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Area served South Korea
Key people Kim Se-hwan (CEO)
Production output Music albums, concerts
Services Entertainment agency

Brand New Music (Hangul: 브랜뉴 뮤직, also stylized BrandNew Music and initialized as BNM) is a Korean hip hop record label and talent agency, founded in 2011 by Rhymer (real name: Kim Se-hwan). It is based at Bangbae-dong, Seocho District, Seoul.


Brand New Music's roots were traced into IC Entertainment (Hangul: IC 엔터테인먼트), founded in 2003 by Rhymer. IC's first release was an extended play by N-Son (real name: Baek Si-jin, now known as Sijin), "Time 2 Shine" (October 2004). In 2006, it changed its name to Brand New Production (BNP) (Hangul: 브랜드 뉴 프로덕션) and added The Note, Keeproots (real name: Lee Geun-soo), Enjel (real name: Chae Eun-jung), and Taewan (real name: Kim Tae-wan, now known as C-Luv) in its artist line-up.

In the summer of 2009, BNP started negotiations with Cho PD (real name: Cho Joong-hoon) and his Future Flow (Hangul: 퓨쳐 플로우) label for a possible merger. Later on a September 4 episode of the debut season of Mnet's Superstar K, Cho PD and Rhymer announced the success of negotiations and the resulting entity will be Brand New Stardom (Hangul: 브랜드 뉴 스타덤). As a result, Brand New Production ceased from existence.[1]


In August 2011, Rhymer decided to pull out of Brand New Stardom due to artistic, creative and business differences with Cho PD. Among BNS' artist line-up, Verbal Jint (real name: Kim Jin-tae), Tae Hye-young, Skull (real name: Jo Seong-jin), BNR, Keeproots, A-Man, and Miss S chose to go with him in his new label, the one we call today as Brand New Music (Hangul: 브랜뉴 뮤직).[2]

In the teasers of Verbal Jint's new album "Go Easy", the new label's logo and identity were launched to the public.

In January 2013, it launched its own internet show "Brand New Live".[3]

Artist line-up[edit]


Debut Name Birth name (Hangul) Gender
1996 Rhymer Kim Se-hwan
1999 Taewan1[4] Kim Tae-wan
2001 Verbal Jint Kim Jin-tae
2003 H[5] Hyun Seung-min
2004 P-Type Kang Jin-pil
2004 Sijin2 Baek Si-jin
2008 Bizniz Ha Won-taek
2010 Bumkey3 Kwon Ki-beom
2010 San E4[6] Jung San
2013 Kanto5[7] Choi Kwang-ryul

1 Taewan moved to this label in 2014. He is also known as C-LUV.
2 Sijin originally debuted under the name N-Son in 2004.
3 Bumkey is also a member of the boy band Troy. He originally debuted as a member of 2winS under CABA Entertainment in 2010.
4 San E originally debuted under JYP Entertainment in 2010. He moved to this label in 2013.
5 Kanto is also a member of the boy band Troy.

Duo / Group[edit]

Debut Name Gender Members Leader Disbanded Fanclub name Official color
1999 As One1 Female 2 - - - -
2008 Miss S2 Female 2 ® 3 ® 2 ® 2 ® 3 Oh Yu-mi - Mestiny -
2010 BNR (Brand New Radio) Male 2 - - - -
2011 Phantom3 Male 3 Kiggen - Phantomism -
2014 Troy Male 4 Bumkey - Troyan -
2014 Champagne & Candle Male 2 - - - -

1 As One originally debuted under Rock Records Korea in 1999. They moved to this label in 2012.[8]
2 Miss S originally debuted under Entium and Core Contents Media in 2008. They moved to this label in 2011.
3 Phantom is co-managed by WA Entertainment.


  • Assbrass
  • Dong Ne-hyeong
  • Lish Beats
  • Paul Rhee
  • Sugar J
  • Won Young-heon


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Note: Majority of the contents of this article were referenced from the Korean article.

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