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A brand specialist positions companies, products and services as strong and effective brands in the collective minds of consumers.

They develop brand strategies with a holistic approach to brand communications so that a company's brand touch-points (corporate identity, product design, web site, retail environment, online marketing, traditional advertising, PR and word of mouth) all work in harmony to create a favorable perception in the mind of the prospects, increasing the chances of positively affecting purchase behavior.

Their specialty includes how consumers process information from brand touch-points, how they attend to, perceive, process and store that information; and how they retrieve and act on previous information from memory.

They focus on the mind, perception, cognitive psychology, human nature and brain science to form a deep understanding of how people think and what makes them do, buy and love the things they do.

They also brief and manage branding consultancies, advertising agencies, product design companies and anyone tasked with producing a brand touch-point for the brand owner.

Their aim is to not only to create strong brands, but effective ones. Create brands that have a positive effect on the bottom line.