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Brandaris vuurtoren Terschelling 01.jpg
The Brandaris in 2005
Location Terschelling, the Netherlands
Year first constructed 1594
Construction masonry
Netherlands number 2080

The Brandaris is a lighthouse on the Dutch Wadden Sea island Terschelling, in Friesland. The first Brandaris was built in 1323, but it was destroyed in 1570. The current tower was built in 1594 and is listed as a Rijksmonument, number 35032 and is rated with a very high historical value.[1]

It is also a Dutch rolling tobacco brand, classified as heavy, containing 12mg of tar and 1.3mg of nicotine per 750mg of tobacco.


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Monumentenbordje 2014.svg Dutch Rijksmonument 35032

Coordinates: 53°22′N 5°13′E / 53.367°N 5.217°E / 53.367; 5.217