Brandenburg-Briest Solarpark

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Brandenburg-Briest Solarpark
Brandenburg-Briest Solarpark is located in Germany
Brandenburg-Briest Solarpark
Location of Brandenburg-Briest Solarpark
Country Germany
Location Briest
Coordinates 52°26′12″N 12°27′05″E / 52.43667°N 12.45139°E / 52.43667; 12.45139Coordinates: 52°26′12″N 12°27′05″E / 52.43667°N 12.45139°E / 52.43667; 12.45139
Status Operational
Commission date December 2011
Owner(s) LUXCARA, MCG Group
Solar farm
Type PV crystalline modules
Power generation
Units operational 383,000
Nameplate capacity 91

Brandenburg-Briest Solarpark is located at the former Brandenburg-Briest Airfield in Brandenburg, Germany. At the time of its completion, it was the largest solar park in Europe.[1] Equipped with Q-Cells solar modules, it consists of three sections: Brandenburg-Briest East, Brandenburg-Briest West, in Brandenburg, 30 MW each, and 31 MW in Briest-Havelsee.[2][3]

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