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For the South African footballer with the same name, see Brandon Peterson (footballer).
Brandon Peterson
Born (1969-10-14) October 14, 1969 (age 44)
Nationality American
Area(s) Writer, Penciller
Notable works
Uncanny X-Men
Codename: Strykeforce

Brandon Peterson is an American comic book writer and artist. Born and raised in Wisconsin on October 14, 1969. Brandon Peterson is known for his hyper detailed artwork and intricate line work. He is better known for his work on Marvel Comics's Uncanny X-Men and Top Cow's Codename: Strykeforce in the 1990s.


Peterson's early works for Marvel include a New Warriors annual and a fill-in in X-Factor in 1992.[1] Later in the year, he had a short run in Uncanny X-Men, drawing the title's issues of the "X-Cutioner's Song" crossover.

Peterson left Marvel to join Top Cow, pencilling the ongoing title Codename: Strykeforce. After the title's cancellation, he wrote and drew the creator-owned title Arcanum, before returning to Marvel in 1999 to work on several X-Men spinoff mini-series.

He left Marvel once more to become Art Director of CrossGen Comics,[2] but returned for another stint on Ultimate X-Men and the mini-series Ultimate Vision and Strange.


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