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Brant Hansen
Brant Hansen with an accordion on Chicken Street in Kabul Afghanistan in 2012.
Born (1969-10-11) October 11, 1969 (age 45)
Assumption, Illinois
Alma mater University of Illinois
Occupation Radio host, author

Brant Page Hansen (born October 11, 1969) is an American radio personality. He hosted the afternoon show on national Christian radio network Air1.


Radio career[edit]

Hansen graduated from the University of Illinois school of journalism in 1991.[1] Hansen began his radio career while at the college rock station WPGU. Hansen moved on to be the morning show host for contemporary Christian WBGL-FM in Champaign, IL.,[2] then moved to Houston, TX and worked at 89.3FM KSBJ. He was the news director and also an on air personality[3] By 2001, Hansen had moved back to Champaign, IL and was host of "The Brant Hansen Show" on WDWS 1400 talk radio.[4]

After leaving WDWS, Hansen moved to south Florida in 2003 and joined WAY-FM, where he spent eight years as host of Mornings with Brant.[5] During his time at WAY, he won the Radio and Records Achievement Award for "Personality of the Year" in a Christian format, also winning a Radio Echo Award for "Personality of the Year" from Christian Music Broadcasters in 2008,[6][7] and again in 2011 following his move to Air1.[8]

On June 29, 2011, he ended an eight year run of his Mornings With Brant show, nationally syndicated by WAY-FM.[9] Since July 19, 2011, Hansen has been the afternoon show host on Air1.[10]

On July 3, 2014, Brant announced on his Facebook page that he resigned from Air1, and his last show aired on Monday, July 7, 2014, saying that the podcast and blog on would be continually updated. In the first indiendent podcast, he said that he was "In between jobs."[11] The day after his last broadcast on Air1, Hansen's Air1 podcast landed on the US iTunes top 100 podcasts list for the first time, at #74.[12]

Brant announced on July 21, 2014 that he was joining the staff of CURE International, as "storyteller". Brant had worked extensively with the charitable organization in the past, helping raise money to provide surgeries for children with treatable conditions.[13]

On August 12, 2014, in Hansen's new podcast "The Brant & Sherri Podcast," he announced that he will have a new daily radio show starting in the near future.[14] The Brant & Sherri Podcast debuted on the US iTunes top 100 podcasts list on August 13, 2014 at #80.[15]

On October 26, 2014 on Hansen's Facebook page and subsequently on October 27, 2014 on air on 89.7 Shine FM Chicago; it was announced Brant would be making his comeback to on air host with Shine.FM; a ministry of Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Il. Shine serves Chicago, Il; Indianapolis, In; Lansing, Mi; and several other markets where Air1 was not present. Brant started Monday November 4, 2014, four months after his departure from Air1.[16][17]

Other Jobs[edit]

Hansen is best known as a radio personality, however not all of his jobs have been on the radio. Hansen has been a videographer in the Army.[18] Hansen was the lead singer for the 90s Christian indie band "Farewell to Juliet," which released albums including Echoes of Laughter in 1993 and Grace and Dire Circumstances in 1998.[19][20] His love for baseball led him to be a play by play announcer for the St. Louis Cardinals at some of their spring training games along with the Florida Marlins, and the New York Mets, in Port St. Lucie, FL. However because of Hansen's eye condition, nystagmus, It made it difficult for him to observe the game and narrate what was happening.[21] Hansen was also a youth pastor for 4 years.[22]


Hansen has authored a number of blogs, many of which were associated with the radio station he was working at the time. Some of these include: Letters From Kamp Krusty,[23] Brant's Blog of Awesomeness[24] and Brant's Air1 Blog.[25]

Some popular recurring posts across multiple blogs by Hansen are excerpts from the fictional book "The 417 Rules of Awesomely Bold Leadership" a satirical look at leadership.[26] The Krusty Sage is another popular character that Hansen uses to express opinions that can be offensive to some people, but allows Hansen to express them in a tone that people would be more receptive to.[27]

Hansen has had an article published on CNN's religion blog, titled "Mr. Spock Goes To Church. How One Christian Copes With Aspergers Syndrome."[28]

In 2014, Hansen wrote a book titled "Unoffendable: How Just One Change Can Make All of Life Better", due to release in April 2015. The subject matter of the book is on anger, and according to Hansen "giving up the “right” to be offended can be one of the most freeing, healthy, simplifying, relaxing, refreshing, stress-relieving, encouraging things we can do."[29]


Hansen has Asperger syndrome and nystagmus, conditions that have presented him with challenges in social situations. Hansen has stated that he finds these conditions exhausting, but also finds positive aspects to his circumstances. In an interview, he stated, "Let's face it: I'm in radio because I can't be seen. Asperger's makes for real honesty – and that can make arresting radio." [30]

Hansen is an outspoken Christian, and has been featured on the I Am Second website.[31] He has blogged on multiple sites, and presently maintains a faith-related blog on Air 1's website. Hansen and his wife traveled to Kenya with Compassion International to meet the child they had been sponsoring. Hansen challenged 200 listeners to also become sponsors; over 300 did so.[32] Hansen also traveled to Indonesia to assist with Tsunami relief efforts.[33]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Radio & Records Industry Achievement Awards[edit]

Year Category Station Result
2008 Air Personality of the Year (Christian Format)[34] WAY-FM Won

Christian Music Broadcasters Echo Awards[edit]

Year Category Station Result
2008 Air Personality of the Year (Markets 26-100)[35] WAYF/West Palm Beach Won
2011 Air Personality of the Year (Markets 1-25)[36] Air1 Radio Network Won


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