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The Brantford City Council is the governing body of Brantford, Ontario.

The council consists of a mayor and ten councillors, two representing each of five wards. The city council elections are held every four years and the citizens and community members of Brantford vote for their candidates, who are eligible to be confirmed by majority of popular votes.

The first city council of Brantford was inaugurated on June 18, 1877.[1]

1877 city council[edit]

  • Mayor: Dr. James W. Digby
  • Alderman George Wilkes
  • Alderman Thomas Large
  • Alderman Daniel Costello
  • Alderman Matthew A. Burns
  • Alderman Edward Fisher
  • Alderman George Watt
  • Alderman Peter M. Keogh
  • Alderman W. J. Scarfe
  • Alderman George Lindley
  • Alderman George Hardy
  • Alderman J.J. Hawkins
  • Alderman Dennis Hawkins
  • Alderman Thomas Elliot


Council elected in the 2006 municipal election:

Councillor Ward Notes
Mike Hancock Mayor
Jennifer Kinneman Ward 1
Mark Littell Ward 1
Vince Bucci Ward 2
John Sless Ward 2
Greg Martin Ward 3
Dan McCreary Ward 3
James Calnan Ward 4
Richard Carpenter Ward 4
John Bradford Ward 5
Marguerite Ceschi-Smith Ward 5


Council elected in the 2010 municipal election:

Councillor Ward Notes
Chris Friel Mayor
Larry Kings Ward 1
Jan Vander Stelt Ward 1
Vince Bucci Ward 2
John Utley Ward 2
Debi Dignan-Rumble Ward 3
Dan McCreary Ward 3
Richard Carpenter Ward 4
Dave Wrobel Ward 4
Marguerite Ceschi-Smith Ward 5
Dave Neumann Ward 5


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