Brantford and Hamilton Electric Railway

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Brantford & Hamilton Electric Railway
Locale Hamilton, Ontario area
Dates of operation 1908–1931
Track gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Headquarters Hamilton, Ontario

The Brantford and Hamilton Electric Railway was an interurban electrified railway in the Hamilton, Ontario, area of Canada. Construction was begun by the Von Echa syndicate of Harrisburg, but the railway was taken over by Dominion Power prior to its completion on 1 June 1908. According to Hilton & Due, this was the last interurban railway constructed in the Hamilton area and the only one built to a high standard.[1]

 The route of the Brantford-Hamilton railway out of the Dundas paralleling present day Chedoke expressway was depicted in numerous postcards of the early 2oth century. This section is now City of Hamilton Radial multi-use trail. The cut in the escarpment leaving a stone face on either side is the most direct reminder of the radial railway. The path of the railway track is lost when crossing the #403 and Mohawk West, but can be picked up again adjacent to Rousseau Drive. This pleasant trail leads to Wilson St. in Ancaster proper.  

The line gave an hourly service between Brantford and Hamilton. Freight traffic was negligible.

The railway passed, along with all Dominion Power's assets, to the Ontario Hydroelectric Power Commission in 1930. All services were abandoned on 30 June 1931.

The right-of-way was converted to the Chedoke Radial Trail, and is available on a year-round basis for use by the general public.[2]


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