Brasilia Digital TV Tower

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Brasilia Digital TV Tower
Torre de TV Digital.JPG
Brasilia Digital TV Tower is a project of Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, one of the remanescent architects of the modernist architecture movement
Alternative names Flor do Cerrado (Savannah Flower)
General information
Status Complete
Type observation, telecommunications, attraction, restaurant
Location Sobradinho, DF,  Brazil
Construction started 2009
Completed 2012
Antenna spire 180 m (590.6 ft)
Roof 120 m (393.7 ft)
Top floor 80 m (262.5 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 62 (equivalent)
Design and construction
Architect Oscar Niemeyer

The Brasilia Digital TV Tower, also known as cerrado flower, is a broadcast tower which made digital television signal available for the whole Federal District and surroundings. Despite having been initially planned to open to the public on April 21, 2010, as a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the City of Brasília,[1] the tower was only inaugurated two years later on April 21, 2012.[2]

The tower has been projected by Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and has cost R$ 75 million.

The tower is 180 meters tall, from which 120 meters correspond to a concrete structure and the rest to the metallic structure of the television antenna. Moreover, two glass observatories complete the structure. The highest one - at 80 meters above the ground - contains a restaurant with a panoramic view. The other one is used as an art gallery.[3]


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Coordinates: 15°41′58″S 47°49′47″W / 15.69944°S 47.82972°W / -15.69944; -47.82972