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[1]== Etymology =

 The village of Bratlah is located at a high point on a steep plateau.  The word Bratla is derived from the Pahari word 'Barra-tilla' meaning the 'high or Big Mount'.


 The village[2] is an extremely Beautiful Landscape of glittering nature. It offers a huge greenery, the up and down hills, running waters, simple and pure people and a much more to expect from nature. It is divided into many Muhallas, of which some are listed:

Potha, Seher, Parat, Garaan, Lassa, sagyam, Parkass,Jandi na Tarappa.

Village Koi, District Kotli[edit]

The village has waterfalls on the river Mhool that run through Village Koi, Near Bratla in District Kotli, Azad Kashmir.

A few heavily armed Dogra soldiers managed to escape to Jammu by following the path of the river Mhool.[when?][clarification needed]

Location close to where the famous battle of Dabrian[when?] took place.


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