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For the Swiss municipality, see Bratsch. For the musical instrument, see Viola.

Bratsch are a French-based music ensemble using influences from Roma (i.e. "Gypsy") music, klezmer, jazz and many diverse folk traditions. The group was formed in 1975 by guitarist Dan Gharibian and violinist Bruno Girard, and has released more than ten albums to date. The group is renowned for the diversity of its musical influences and for the virtuosity of its members and guest artists.




  • 1976: Musiques de partout
  • 1978: J'aime un voyou, maman
  • 1981: Live à la Potinière
  • 1989: Notes de voyage
  • 1990: Sans domicile fixe
  • 1992: Transports en commun
  • 1993: Gipsy Music From the Heart of Europe
  • 1994: Correspondances
  • 1994: Le Mangeur de lune (soundtrack of film Dai Sijie)
  • 1996: Ecoute ça chérie
  • 1997: Terre Promise
  • 1998: Rien dans les poches
  • 1999: On a rendez-vous (Live)
  • 2001: La vie, la mort, tout ça...
  • 2003: Nomades en vol (Best of)
  • 2005: Ca s'fête (Best of Live for 25th anniversary)
  • 2007: Plein du monde
  • 2011: Urban Bratsch

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