Bratz Kidz: Sleep-Over Adventure

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Bratz Kidz: Sleep-Over Adventure
Sleep-Over Adventure.jpg
Directed by Sean McNamara
Produced by Isaac Larian
Written by John I. Sibley
Starring Bridgette Taylor as Yasmin
Britt McKillip as Cloe
Dorla Bell as Sasha
Nicole Munoz as Jade
Chantal Strand as Dana
Jianna Ballard as Meygan
Cherilynn Fullbright as Ginger
Music by John Powell
Distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment
Release dates
  • July 31, 2007 (2007-07-31)
Running time
74 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Bratz Kidz: Sleep-Over Adventure is a 2007 direct-to-DVD film based on the Bratz Kidz line.


In the beginning, the Bratz Kidz (Yasmin, Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Meygan), along with Sasha's dad, go off to the new girl, Ginger's house. The Wispings, Ginger's parents, set up the sleeping bags in a room. Ginger explains that she has never had a sleepover before. So Jade, Yasmin, Meygan, Cloe, and Sasha assure her that they'll help make the party fun and a great experience for Ginger. They do makeovers, have a runway show, and a dancing contest. Sasha and Meygan start making up their own dances, such as "The Worm" and "The Funky Fashion Monkey". Later, Ginger's mom tells everyone that it is time for bed. A while later, the girls wake up and decide to tell scary stories. But Ginger tells the girls that her mom said it was bedtime. The kids explain that her mom doesn't expect them to sleep and that telling stories is what slumber parties are about.

Sasha is the first to tell a scary story. In Sasha's story, it takes place at the carnival which also takes place at Meygan and Jade's stories. Sasha and her friends Yasmin and Meygan are in the room of mirrors. When the girls are posing in front of a mirror, Sasha wants the mirror for herself, frustrated she adventures out to another room. In the room, there is one big mirror where Sasha starts posing around but suddenly Sasha finds out, her reflection is a living person also. Her reflection jumps out and runs away. Sasha who is now scared and shocked, looks for her. She finds her eating and frightened runs away. Her reflection is now following her wherever she goes. Sasha then runs to the room where she first found her reflection, her reflection is back where she was but more mirrors appear around Sasha. Sasha goes too close to one of the mirror and her reflection pushes her in and gets out and then telling her she got what she wanted her reflection and it's now what she sees all around her. Her reflection leaves to be "Sasha" and leaves Sasha mourning.

Cloe was the next to share her story. It takes place in the community pound where Cloe asks her parents for a puppy. But they have to get proof from Cloe that she can show responsibility. So Cloe offers to take care of the neighbor's dog, Taco. But then things get out of hand once the dog starts to talk and causes a lot of trouble for Cloe (ordering Chinese food over the phone, etc.) To win power over Taco, Cloe gives him a bath and takes him for a walk. As a result, Cloe has earned the puppy. But not long after, Cloe's dad wonders why the pizza man brought pizza to their house, and Cloe assumes that the puppy did it.

Afterwards was Meygan's story. She wanders around looking for the pie booth at the carnival. But then, her older sister, Tanya, and her friend, Callie, find her. Also, Meygan wants to go on "The Rip Tide" ride, but there was a long line. They go to a ride where Meygan's clothes get ruined by a man next to her, vomiting. After changing into a new shirt, Meygan follows her sister and her sister's friend to another ride. But then, Meygan sees the pie booth again, eager to get a piece. But the man explains that there weren't any more left. Meygan gets upset and gets dragged in the magic booth. There, the magician invites her up for his next trick. Meygan waits in the magic box and comes out a few minutes later. She later finds out that everyone disappeared and goes off to different rides and games. But after riding "The Rip Tide" so many times, she runs off. But then, the places starts to get lonely and scary for her and Meygan wishes that her sister was there. So she heads back to the magic box with the magic wand and wishes herself back. She explains to Tanya to not go on the Rip Tide or eat any more pies, knowing something weird would happen. Meygan responds to Tanya: "You're my favorite sister", and Tanya replies, "I'm your only sister", ending Meygan's story.

The next to share her story was Yasmin. Her story starts off with her mom driving her to the mall. On the way there, Yasmin begs her for a charm bracelet. But her mother doesn't approve of it because it's too extravagant and they eventually turn into fads. She gives Yasmin money to buy her friend, Dana a birthday gift. While looking around, Yasmin searches stores looking for a gift. And sees the charm bracelet in a jewelry story window. She goes in and buys it, but then remembers that she needs a present for Dana. At her birthday party, Dana receives a vase, which made Yasmin think that she probably wouldn't like it, but actually does. The next day at school, Yasmin tries to get Cloe and Meygan to notice her charm bracelet. But they go over and admire Sasha's new pair of pants. Yasmin places the bracelet in her jewelry drawer. But everywhere she goes, the bracelet seems to follow her. And she also hears from her mother that Dana's cat knocked down and broke the vase she gave Dana for her birthday. So Yasmin decides that she'd give Dana the bracelet and confess about everything that happened.

In Jade's story, the Bratz Kidz are about to ride the Monster Dungeon ride. Yasmin, Cloe, and Sasha try to convince Jade that there are things she needs to be scared of. But Jade refuses to agree. During the ride, she explains to Cloe that the stuff on the ride weren't real (the fake monster, the black cat, etc.). But once the ride stops on the track, Cloe's eyes start to glow and Jade is convinced that something was wrong with her. When the room gets dark, the Bratz Kidz were gone and huge monsters sat beside Jade. She runs off the ride and tries to escape the monsters. But they followed her everywhere she went. She distracts them by dancing so she could make her way back on the ride. But then, the monsters follow her back on the ride. Jade opens her eyes when the ride was over. Yasmin, Cloe, and Sasha try to make Jade confess that the ride was scary and decides to go on another ride.

When Jade's story was over, the girls try to get Ginger to tell a story. In the beginning, Ginger starts off her story, explaining what she and the girls did at the slumber party. The Bratz Kidz try to get her to make it scarier, causing Ginger to be terrified and run out of the room. The girls get their flashlights and try to find her. But the house starts to get haunted and the girls run out of the house. On the way, they saw some characters from their stories. Meygan suggests that the girls would stay at her house. But when they get there, Ginger and her father appear. Then Cloe suggests that they stay at her house where Ginger and her father appear. Finally, Sasha decides that they stay at her house, knowing that her parents are having a party. But the girls assume that the party is over once they get there. By the time Ginger and her parents appear at the front door, they get scared and faint. They find out that the girls had turned into monsters (similar to the ones in Jade's story) and they start to find their way home.


1. We're Bratz Kidz (Bratz Kidz Theme Song)

2. Whatever You Do

3. Step One

4. Get Ready

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