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Brave Entertainment
Type Public
Industry Music & Entertainment
Genre K-pop, Hip hop
Founded February 2008
Founders Kang Dong Chul
Headquarters Dangyung Building 74-3 Nov Nonhyundong Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Key people Kang Dong Chul
Products Music & Entertainment
Services Music & Entertainment, Management
Owners Kang Dong Chul
Subsidiaries Brave Sound
Website Official Brave Sound
Brave Entertainment
Hangul 브레이브 엔터테인먼트
Revised Romanization Beureibeu Enteoteinmyeonteu
McCune–Reischauer Pŭreipŭ Ent‘ŏt‘einmyŏnt‘ŭ

Brave Entertainment (Hangul: 브레이브 엔터테인먼트) is a South Korean record label, founded in 2008 by Brave Brothers.[1] Brave Entertainment has two other names: Brave Sound and Brave Sound Entertainment.


Brave Entertainment was founded in 2008 by Kang Dong Chul after he left YG Entertainment to search for a new goal.[2] Brave Entertainment's Brave Brothers have collaborated with Starship Entertainment when it was revealed that he produced Sistar's debut song "Push Push" [3] and has been producing songs for them, including their hit song,"So Cool" and "Alone".[4]

Current Roster[edit]

Brave Sound artists[edit]

Year Name Hangul Members Leader Gender Fanclub name Official Color Notes
2008 Brave Brothers 용감한 형제 Solo Male The main producer, founder and rapper. He was a producer for YG Entertainment between 2004 and 2008 before leaving to start his own company.[5][6][7][8]
2010 Electro Boyz 일렉트로보이즈 3 Maboos Male TeamElectro A Hip-hop trio.[9]
2011 Brave Girls 브레이브 걸스 5 Eun Young Female Fearless A five member K-pop girl group.[10]
2012 Big Star 빅스타 5 Feeldog Male Only One A five member K-pop boy band. Currently co-managed with NH EMG.

Brave Sound producers[edit]

  • Brave Brothers
  • Mr KANG
  • CrazyPark
  • Galactika
  • ElephantKingdom
  • missLee



  • Park Kyung Rok - Currently a producer at OWL Production since 2010. He was also a producer at JYP Entertainment in 2007.[11]

Current Trainees[edit]

  • Raphael Jolly (Hyunari) - Was eliminated during the semifinal round online auditions in 2013, but received a "callback" later that year. Raphael is now under the management and will be serving trainee years beginning 2016.



Released Title Artist Format Language
18 August 2009 Attitude Brave Brothers Mini Album, Digital Download Korean
08 December 2009 Passionate


Released Title Artist Format Language
2 April 2010 Seulpeun Eumak (A Sad Music) Brave Brothers Mini Album, Digital Download Korean
3 June 2010 ELECTROBOYZ: FIRSTSINGLE Electroboyz CD Single, Digital Download
23 September 2010 The Classic Brave Brothers Studio Album, Digital Download
8 December 2010 Super Girl Kim Yu Na, SISTAR, & Electroboyz Digital Download


Released Title Artist Format Language
10 February 2011 Beautiful Girl Brave Brothers & Hyomin of T-ara CD Single, Digital Download Korean
8 April 2011 Brave Girls: The Difference Brave Girls Mini Album, Digital Download
14 July 2011 Break Up Brave Brothers, BEAST's Lee Ki Kwang & Electroboyz Digital Download
29 July 2011 Back to da future Brave Girls Mini Album, Digital Download
26 August 2011 Tukhamyeon (Easily) Remix CD Single, Digital Download
17 November 2011 Rebirth Electroboyz


Released Title Artist Format Language
22 February 2012 Re:issue Brave Girls Mini Album, Digital Download Korean
26 April 2012 Electrify Electroboyz CD Single, Digital Download
18 June 2012 Deryeoda Julge Digital Download
12 July 2012 BIGSTART Big Star CD Single, Digital Download
4 October 2012 BLOSSOM Mini Album, Digital Download
12 November 2012 I Got The Feeling Digital Download


Released Title Artist Format Language
25 February 2013 You Got Some Nerve Big Star's Feeldog, BEAST's Junhyung, EXID's LE Digital Download Korean
2 April 2013 In Love Electroboyz Studio Album, Digital Download
8 August 2013 Hang Out Bigstar 2nd Mini Album


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