Brave Festival

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Brave Festival
Location(s) Wroclaw, Poland
Years active 2005 – present
Founded by Grzegorz Bral
Date(s) first half of July
Genre World music, Rituals, Theatre, Prayers

Brave Festival - Against The Cultural Exile is a multicultural festival held in Wroclaw, Poland. It is one of the biggest cultural events in Poland (see ). It was created in 2005 by theatre director Grzegorz Bral. It is organized by the Song of the Goat Theatre Association, which has since run the festival as a non-profit organization for preservation and support of the marginalized or almost extinct cultures.

It is mainly music and theatre festival. It presents concerts, theatre, performances, rituals, prayers and art of the people, tribes, groups or individuals from all over the world.

Festival is non-commercial and all income is to be resend for development projects made by non-governmental organization Rokpa International.



The new edition called Mask will be held between July 2 and July 8, 2011


Brave Festival edition 2010 was called Enchanters and it was held between July 2 and July 9, 2010.

Artist Country Type of performance
Ahn Sook-sun South Korea Old Korean pansori opera performing art
Bi Kidude Zanzibar The queen of African taarab music
Bistritsa[disambiguation needed] Bulgaria Balkan Polyphonic singing - diaphony
Royal Drummers of Burundi Burundi Drums
Lorenzo Aillapan Chile The bird poetry, onomatopoeic vocal show
Mawawil Egypt Traditional music from the Egyptian riverside settlements
Sekouba Traoré Mali Virtuoso donso ngoni player
Mazaher Egypt The forbidden tradition of Zār: a pre-Islamic ritual
Song of the Goat Poland Macbeth - new theatrical avant-garde


Brave Festival edition 2009 was called Prayers of the World and it was held between July 3 and July 11, 2009.

Artist Country Type of performance
El Cuadro Flamenco Spain flamenco "rough" voice
Zikr Ritual Georgia Sufi ritual by Kist Women
Theyyam India Dance of the Gods ritual from Kerala
Monks from Sherab King Monastery India cham dances of Tantric Buddhism
Gogo Milungu Tanzania Taming rituals
Divna Serbia Byzantine monodic and polyphonic chants
Ahellil Algeria Singers from Gourara Region
Imzad North Africa Tuareg Women secret instrument


Brave Festival edition 2008 was called Rituals: Out Of Africa and it was held between July 4 and July 12, 2008.

Artist Country Type of performance
Fulani - Dance of Male Beauty Niger African tribal singing and dancing
Wagogo Muheme Group - Tradition of Muheme Tanzania rituals of initiation and circumcision
Who I Am - Kyendi Breakdance Uganda Breakdance
Akhtar Sharif Arup Vale Pakistan Qawwali music performance
A Fileta Corsica Corsican polyphony
Romafest Romania Romani music


Brave Festival edition 2007 was called Drowned Songs and it was held between July 7 and July 14, 2007.

Artist Country Type of performance
Sakhna - The Nomadic Theatre Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz epic theatre
Beta Dance Troupe Israel Dance of Ethiopian Jewry
Theatre of The Eight Day Poland theatre
Descendance Australia songs and dances of far North Queensland
Teatro Actores Alidos Sardinia Songs of Sardinian women
Bistri Vodi Macedonia traditional music of Macedonia
Bunun Tribe - Sound of Lileh Taiwan mysterious Pasibutbut
Vakhtanguri Georgia men choir of Guria
Narodnyj Prazdnik Russia Ukraine-Russian tradicional songs
Roudaniates Morocco songs and dances of Roundaniat
Alim Quasimov Azerbaijan mugham - Caucasus modal singing

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