Bravo Two Zero (film)

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Bravo Two Zero
DVD cover
Format Special Forces / Gulf War
Distributed by BBC
Directed by Tom Clegg
Produced by Ruth Caleb
Written by Troy Kennedy-Martin
Andy McNab (novel)
Starring Sean Bean
Steve Nicolson
Rick Warden
Richard Graham
Ian Curtis
Music by David Ferguson
Cinematography Rod Stewart
Editing by Ettie M. Feldman
Country United Kingdom
Language English
This article is about the film. For the novel see Bravo Two Zero (1993 novel). For the actual events see Bravo Two Zero

Bravo Two Zero is a 1999 two hour television miniseries (broadcast in two parts), based on the book of the same name by Andy McNab. The film covers real life events – from the perspective of Andy McNab, patrol commander of Bravo Two Zero, a British SAS patrol, tasked to find Iraqi Scud missile launchers during the Gulf War in 1991. The names of the patrol members killed were changed.

A previous film about the patrol, The One That Got Away, based on the book of the same name by Chris Ryan, was broadcast in 1996.


  • Sean Bean as Andy McNab
  • Kevin Collins as Chris
  • Steve Nicolson as "Dinger"
  • Rick Warden as Tony Benotti
  • Richard Graham as Mark Warner
  • Ian Curtis as Baz Brown
  • Jamie Bartlett as Ray Davies
  • Robert Hobbs as Stan Rigby
  • Ron Senior Jr. as Pete
  • Robert Whitehead as Iraqi Colonel
  • Caz Abrahams as White Socks
  • Nick Ashby as Jeral
  • Barry Berk as Cyril
  • Julia Booth as Sally
  • Melissa Carter as Katie
  • Dimitri Cassar as Iraqi officer #1
  • Emma Chambers as Dinger's wife
  • Alison Coles as Jilly
  • George Coutsoudis as Son in taxi
  • Ernst Eloff as Iraqi Farmer
  • Arishaad Erreeff as Shepherd
  • Anthony Fridjohn as Dentist
  • Thomas Hall as Gordon
  • Graham Hopkins as Graham
  • Akram Ibrahim as Prison Governor
  • Brent King as Shepherd boy
  • Maki Kossioris as Father in taxi
  • Dehan Liebenberg as Loadie #1
  • Tim Mahoney as Harry
  • Anna Meininger as Melissa
  • Nissam Moalem as Taxi driver
  • Alistair Prodgers as Bert
  • Nicky Rebello as Interrogator
  • Louise Saint-Claire as Red Cross worker
  • Abdallah Sardi as S60 Commander
  • Russel Savadier as Iraqi Captain
  • Yvonne Van Den Berg as Woman in bar

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