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Brasil Game Show
Status Active
Genre Multi-genre
Country Brazil
Inaugurated 2009
Attendance 151,654 (2013)

Brasil Game Show (known by the initials BGS and originally titled Rio Game Show) is a yearly South American video game convention organized by business executive Marcelo Tavares, that is currently held in São Paulo, Brazil and is the largest gaming convention in Latin America.[1][2]


Brasil Game Show was first held on June 21, 2009, at Rio de Janeiro where it ran under the name of Rio Game Show and had an attendance of 4,000 participants. Until that year, Brazil had been holding no similar events for about 3 years. The attendance doubled in the second edition, November 28 and 29, 2009. In the following year the convention retitled itself to the current name of Brasil Game Show and had an attendance of 30,000 convention goers. In 2011 the convention received over 60,000 convention goers, exceeding the 50,000 attendees expectation for that year.[3]

Still in 2011, it was announced that the 2012 convention would be held in São Paulo.[4]

In 2012 the expectation was of about 80,000 visitors for the convention.[5] But the Event once again exceeded expectations, hitting the 100,000 attendees mark and consolidating its biggest Latin American games convention title.

The 2013 edition was held in São Paulo, October 25 (press only), 26, 27, 28 and 29 (open to the public). The expectations of 150,000 attendees were once again exceeded and the space allocated to the convention was doubled in comparison with the previous year.[6]

In 2014, the space allocated to the Event will be once again doubled, and will take all five pavillions of Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo. The Event will occur at October 8 (press and business only), 9, 10, 11 e 12 (open to the public) de outubro and the expectations are of 250,000 attendees. Until half March, big companies had already announced their presence in the Event, like Ubisoft, Ongame, Razer and others.[7][8]


Dates Venue Unique Attendees Some of the Guests
June 21, 2009 Rio de Janeiro 4,000
November 28-29, 2009 Rio de Janeiro 8,000
November 20–21, 2010 SulAmerica Convention Center, Rio de Janeiro 30,000 Sony, Warner, Blizzard, NC Games, Seven Computação Gráfica, Warner, Maurício de Souza[9][10]
October 5–9, 2011 Rio de Janeiro 63,119 Sony, NC Games, Seven Computação Gráfica, Microsoft, M-Coin, Vostu, Hazit Online Games, Level-up!, Mentez, Warner, EA, Codemasters, Yoshinori Ono, Zafer Coban[11][12]
October 11–14, 2012 São Paulo 100,599 Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Riot Games, Activision, Konami, Warner Games, EA, Codemasters, Capcom, Ecogames, Gamérica, NC Games, Level Up!, ZAP Games, Razer, Hoplon Infotainment, AMD, House Games, Razor Games, 1337 Entertainment, Global Collect, The Castle Builder, PlayTV, 3D Voyage, Action Prime Games, Disney, Insane Media, Gametel, LG, Incomm, Baixaki, Rocket Store[13]
October 23–29, 2013 São Paulo 151,564 Sony, Seven Computação Gráfica, Warner Games, Activision, EA, Blizzard Entertainment, NVidia, Razer, Level Up!, Hoplon Infotainment, NC Games, Ubisoft, Kingston, Baixaki, Install Core, Incomm, InnoGames, Rixty, PlayTV, Furfle, Corsair, Game Insight[14] *
October 8–12, 2014 São Paulo ~250.000 (expected) Razer, Ongame, Ubisoft, Mad Catz, Playphone, Kingston[15] *, Tanki Online
  • Other important guests are still to be announced until the day of the Event .


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