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Team Brasil – Roller Derby Brasil
Roller Derby Brasil logo.jpg
Founded 2011
Colors Green, yellow and blue
Championships 12th place at 2011 Roller Derby World Cup
Broadcasters Derby News Network

Roller Derby Brasil (Team Brasil) represents Brazil in women's international roller derby, such as at the Roller Derby World Cup.

Team Brasil is composed of roller derby players from Brazil, who are selected in tryouts to compete at the national level. Team Brasil is incorporated as a not-for-profit organization, run by the Brazilian skaters.

First formed in 2011, Team Brasil first competed at the 2011 Roller Derby World Cup, held in Toronto, Canada. The team's skaters, who ordinarily compete using derby names, chose to use single names at the 2011 World Cup,[1] following in the tradition of Brazilian players in many sports, most notably soccer, which is arguably the biggest sport in Brazil.

Team roster[edit]

2014 roster[edit]

Brazil announced its 2014 team roster in December 2013.[2]

Number Name Derby name League
107 Andrea Carlsson Kaia Pilsen Gray City Rebels
1972 Amira Dutra Mello Farrah Fracture Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby
13 Bá Lisboa Barberry Ladies of HellTown
5 Beatriz Moreira Berto Mariah Bearings Ladies Of HellTown
lvl 99 Bruna Paladino Paladino Sugar Loathe Derby Girls
33 Camila Stocco Psyko Pixie Maui Roller Girls
50 Celice Lopes Sycho Cherry Ladies Of HellTown
Is.9 Chu – Chiara Abreu Chu The Preacher Wheel of Fire Roller Derby
80 Fernanda Ezabella Ferocity Los Angeles Derby Dolls
16 Fernanda Correa Brazilian Nut Philly Roller Derby
87 Gilda Guimarães Wasp Gray City Rebels
55 Julia Magalhaes Beirao Carnage Miranda Ladies Of HellTown
181 Lara Raineri Yada Yada Lara Gray City Rebels
16t Manu Vasconcelos Vasconbully Ladies Of HellTown
86 Mariana Leal Mary of Pain Gray City Rebels
1949 Mariana Teixeira Perly Streep Gray City Rebels
72 Patricia Correia Skate Middleton Rio Riot Roller Derby
505 Paula Mitie Spanish Lolla-Bye Ladies Of HellTown
88 Paula Lampé Figueira Pauleira Black Hearts Derby Girls
20 Roxane Velozo Rainbow Crash Boston Derby Dames
208 Shyrlei Braith Shy-Hulk Ladies Of HellTown
31 Suelen Ferreira Atom CockRoach Ladies Of HellTown
23 Tati Goes Spider Mean Gray City Rebels

2011 roster[edit]

Brazil announced its initial team roster in August 2011.[3] (league affiliations listed as of at the time of the announcement)

Number Name League
16 Brazilian Nut Gotham Girls Roller Derby
26 Brazilian Bombshell South Bay Derby Mizfits
9 Debbie Hatcher Ladies of HellTown
107 Kaia Pilsen Gray City Rebels
83 Kozmic Killa Ladies of HellTown
7 Lobster Capital City Derby Dolls
100 Lola Nolimits Sugar Loathe Derby Girls
5 Mariah Bearings Ladies of HellTown
777 Matadora Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz
33 Mojo'n Jet Ladies of HellTown
1949 Peryl Streep Gray City Rebels
72 Sugar Slum Fairy Sugar Loathe Derby Girls
80 Ferocity LA Derby Dolls
31 Atom Cockroach Ladies of HellTown
181 Yada Yada Lara Gray City Rebels

2011 World Cup[edit]

Team Brasil was one of thirteen countries to be represented at the inaugual Roller Derby World Cup, held in Toronto, Canada, in 2011.[4] Team Brasil opened the tournament in the same group as Team Canada, Roller Derby France and Team Sweden and played 6 games overall during the weekend. In the group stage, each team played the others in their group once each. Team Brazil's first game was against Team Sweden, who won, 163–30, taking advantage of Team Brazil's relative inexperience.[5] Gotham skater Brazilian Nut – competing as 'Fernanda' for the tournament – was the only skater for Brazil with WFTDA experience, and some skaters were playing their first public game ever.

In their second game, Brazil was dominated by the experience of Team Canada, who cruised to a relatively easy win, 408–7.[6] In their third game of the group stage, Brazil lost to France, 212 to 28.[7]

Team Brasil finished the group stage of the World Cup ranked eleventh, but then lost to Team France for the second time at the tournament, but by a far smaller margin than before, at 212 points to 138,[8] in possibly their best game of the tournament. In the consolation stage, Team Brasil lost to both Team Ireland[9] and Team Scotland, to finish the tournament in twelfth place.[10][1]


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