Brazilian Animal Rights Review

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The Brazilian Animal Rights Review was the first legal journal about Animal rights of Latin America. It is edited by Heron Santana, Luciano Rocha Santana, and Tagore Trajano. In Portuguese it is named Revista Brasileira de Direito Animal (RBDA).

This periodical has an interdisciplinary character: Law, Philosophy and Veterinary Medicine and other studies.

About this periodical, Tom Regan writes: "the recent actions of the founders of Revista Brasileira de Direito Animal portend a new future for animal rights in Brazil. Never before had a Brazilian dared to file a habeas corpus writ on behalf of a nonhuman. Imagine: a legal claim demanding release of a nonhuman animal illegally imprisoned! But this is precisely what the founders of RBDA did in September of this year, on behalf of a chimpanzees cruelly condemned to a file behind bars in a zoo in the state of Bahia(...)".

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