Break Up (1998 film)

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Break Up
Directed by Paul Marcus
Produced by Jonas Goodman
Screenplay by Anne Amanda Opotowsky
Starring Bridget Fonda
Hart Bochner
Steven Weber
Kiefer Sutherland
Music by Laura Karpman
Cinematography Hubert Taczanowski
Edited by Arthur Coburn
Distributed by Dimension Films
Release date(s) August 21, 1998
Running time 100 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Break Up is a 1998 American crime thriller film directed by Paul Marcus and written by Anne Amanda Opotowsky. It stars Bridget Fonda, Hart Bochner, Kiefer Sutherland, and Steven Weber.


Jimmy Dade (Fonda) is unexpectedly married to Frankie (Bochner) who abuses her every step of the way, One day he throws her over the stairs and she is sent to hospital where she recovers quickly, when her bank account freezes and she is accused of the crime, she goes on the run from the police led by John Box (Sutherland) while she tries to find out who is stealing her identity.



The film opened to fairly negative reviews.[1][2]


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